Client: VisionRX

The e-DMV struck a design balance between space and limitations at the DMV. Using a retinal scanner to verify user information, the e-DMV electronic booths are designed to stay open 24 hours a day for renewing driver's licenses. Because license renewal takes up much of DMV personnel time, the DMV is not able to thoroughly investigate questionable renewals and first-time driver's license applications. Many of the 9-11 terrorists presented fake or phony informaton to obtain valid driver's licenses.

"The jury members agree that the designers have conceived a very workable solution and that anything that will make the Motor Vehicle Bureau experience easier for the customer is a truly noble initiative." - John E. Herlitz, IDSA - Andy Diaz Hope, IDSA

Contact: Mark T. Steiner, IDSA,
Steiner Design Assoc.,

Credit: Steiner Design Assoc.