DUO Bi-directional Door Refrigerator


Imagine a refrigerator where food doesn't hide in the farthest corners and you can survey your inventory without opening the doors. It's clear that the transparent, bi-directional doors are not the only innovative features of the DUO refrigerator. Family members can use the voice memo system to leave messages for one another like the notes that are often pinned to traditional models and a removable bar caddy lets you roll chilled beverages and glasses right to your guests.

The efficiency of this design could start a revolution in kitchen appliances. By resolving front and back as a single system, mobility has been introduced to what was formerly a seriously static object." - Dallas Grove, IDSA, Flextronics Design

Contact: Chul-Bae Lee,
LG Electronics Inc, Korea,
+82 2 2005 3105;

Designers: LG Electronics Inc., Korea