This construction machine combines the functions of an excavator and loader on a rotating tracked platform. Its innovative boom concept allows the operator to fold the segments of the excavator arm onto each other to create a solid loader. Attachments can be hydraulically coupled from within the cabin using a quick-attach system. The result is an extremely versatile, ergonomic machine for digging, loading, handling pallets, blowing snow, grading, breaking concrete and much more. With SYNERGY’s patented folding arm mechanism, it is uniquely poised to address the rapidly growing worldwide market for compact tracked excavators and loaders.

“This innovative design would produce a compact, well-packaged and functional combination machine without sacrificing any capabilities.“

Robin Edman, CEO, Swedish Industrial Design Foundation

Contact: Leonard Huissoon
Diverto Technologies BV
+31 11 36 26 391

Credit: Diverto Technologies BV (The Netherlands), Protoscar SA (Switzerland), Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands) and Hunan Sunward Intelligent Machinery Co. Ltd. (China)

Client: John Deere, Hunan Sunward Intelligent Machinery Co. Ltd. (China) and ETEC (The Netherlands)