Dilbert's Ultimate Cubicle


Client: United Media

Blowing away the standard corporate cubicle design, the Dilbert Ultimate Cubicle concept addresses the 'cubicle culture' of disaffected workers with a combination of modularity and opportunities for customization. Concept features include: wall modules for whiteboards, corkboards, tray shelves and drawers; a top row of lights that simulate the sun traveling around the cubicle throughout the day and a drop-down seat for visitors.

"Having spent time in a top of the line cubicle, one's appreciation of sound absorbing panels and easy access wire management systems quickly wanes. Dilbert's Ultimate Cubicle creates a structure to support and celebrate peoples' need for individuality, creative expression, environmental control and, most importantly, introduces randomness and motion into routine." - Andy Diaz Hope, IDSA

Contact: Scott Underwood,

Credit: IDEO and United Media