Cocoon - disaster relief shelters


The first few days of large-scale disasters are the most critical in saving lives, comforting victims and assisting societies. The Cocoon concept shifts the paradigm of emergency shelter distribution from a complex, time-consuming bureaucratic system to small, self-contained, personally deployable setups. It augments current tent solutions that take weeks to deploy and require the military and disaster-relief professionals to assemble. Cocoon kits can be air-dropped into disaster areas within a few hours and setup by the victims themselves. When subsequent tent cities are assembled, the Cocoon shelters can provide additional privacy and security. The three designs, Case, Capsule and Cuddle, cover the full spectrum of need, from larger, more rigid structures to the Cuddle blanket/poncho. This open-source design is intended to be mass produced by local governments, NGOs and the UN.

Contact:Gadi Amit, IDSA
NewDealDesign LLC