Chrysler AKINO


This five-passenger compact vehicle offers never-before-seen styling targeted to urban dwellers. Designers wanted the car to provide a soothing, relaxing environment where riders can enjoy a comfortable living room experience. The front seats look more like arm chairs, and the rear seat like a curving sofa. The interior space is visually divided between the working space and the living space with color and texture. The work space includes the driver’s seat, steering wheel and pedals rendered in blue suede with bamboo flooring. The remaining interior is comprised of cream suede and sisal natural flooring, much like an area rug. A drawer-style storage space under the rear seat, throw pillows and sconces give even more reminders of home. Front arm rests and control switches traditionally located on the doors are attached to the seats, which keep the door panels simple like walls in a room.

Contact: Akino Tsuchiya

Credit: DaimlerChryslerPacifica