BRP EXIT Concept


BRP's EXIT is an innovative recreational vehicle designed to provide the highest fun factor with the lowest horsepower. Capable of many tricks, the EXIT is a four-wheel off-road vehicle that is a cross between a trial motorcycle and a BMX bike. Its extreme maneuverability was made possible by its innovative rear-entry platform. Responding to the lifestyle cues of Generation Y users, designers imbued the vehicle with a counter-cultural, non-conventional aesthetic, finding inspiration in the insect world with its soft, rounded surfacing crossed with sharp edges. The color theme was borrowed from classic military vehicles. To further embrace this demographic, the vehicle also had to have a low impact on the environment. The EXIT would initially be powered by a four-stroke, low-emission fuel engine and is envisioned to be powered by a zero-emission electric motor as an alternative option.

Contact: Denys Lapointe, IDSA
BRP Design Team

Credit: BRP Design Team (Canada)

Client: BRP - Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (Canada)