Ashcraft Design, Infiniti Prelude Loudspeaker


Infinity Prelude MTS Loudspeaker System

Winner: 2001 IDSA Industrial Design Excellence Award, Gold IDEA Award
2000 Excellence in Design, Appliance Manufacturer
2000 Innovations 2000 Design & Engineering Showcase Award

Designers: Ashcraft Design
Client: Infinity Systems

Prelude is the flagship product in a new series of 3 product lines designed to reposition Infinity as the pre-eminent American speaker manufacturer in its category.

The Prelude combines new audio technology, superior sonic performance and a distinctive design to revitalize the brand.

Cory Greenberg, of Audio Magazine said, "visually as well as sonically, these speakers make as bold a statement as I've seen high-end audio produce in quite a few years. Prelude MTS is far and away the finest sounding loudspeaker system to ever wear the Infinity badge – Highly recommended."