The Aquabrid system is a new, innovative way for visitors to explore and discover the underwater world. Aquarium visitors create their own virtual creatures by selecting and combining actual attributes from the sea life they are viewing. This information and the Aquabrid creations are stored on an RFID tag that visitors carry with them. Several robotic Aquabrids also “live” among the real sea life. These Aquabrids are built with animatronics and embedded with artificial intelligence, blurring the boundary between the virtual and the real. Such a novel interaction gives visitors a unique opportunity to fully immerse themselves in an aquarium’s content that they can also take with them when they leave.

Contact:Tara Grote
Arnell Group

Credit: Arnell Group, LLC

Client:Gehry Partners, LLP, Kerzner International Bahamas, LTD (Bahamas ) and CapitaLand Commercial & Integrated Development, LTD (Singapore)