Accuray Next Generation CyberKnife® Concept Investigation with Robotic Patient Positioner Couch (RPPC)


This system explores an advanced way to use radiation to treat hard-to-reach tumors while increasing patient comfort. The innovative design unifies various custom, semi-custom and off-the-shelf components from disparate worldwide manufacturers into a harmonious composition. Also, unlike many large-scale diagnostic systems with cold, sterile-looking tables, the RoboCouch offers a more furniture-centric, humanistic solution. The robotically controlled chair allows a patient to be seated comfortably, then automatically reclined and reoriented to optimize the radiation beam paths. The industrial design language of this concept has been so well received that it has been incorporated into Accuray’s existing commercial system.

Contact:Gerard Furbershaw, IDSA
Lunar Design

Credit:Lunar Design and Accuray