Design Strategy

You Got This: Pampered Chef Strategic Design Language

This strategic design language system was developed to tie together Pampered Chef’s diverse portfolio of over 400 products in a way that embodies the company’s core principles. 

Designed by: Micheal Mastroianni, Chloe Condon, Alan Lebowitz and Chris Cunningham of Michael DiTullo LLC for Pampered Chef

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Falck Innovation Strategy

In October 2019, Falck completed a financial turnaround. The time was ripe to look toward the future, but with a world full of healthcare challenges, the question was, where to start? Falck developed an innovation strategy comprised of a company-wide innovation purpose and a methodology for running human-centered design projects. The strategy was informed by rigorous ethnographic patient research, expert interviews, and analysis of Falck’s existing business. It allows Falck to be intentional about selecting projects that will have the greatest impact for the people it serves, as well as it makes sound business sense. At the heart of the strategy is one innovation purpose and four solutions spaces. The purpose, exploring ways to save and improve even more lives, gives a clear mandate. The solutions spaces are strategic focus areas that will enable Falck to prioritize innovation activities over time.

Designed by: Eilidh Dickson and Anna Hellmer of Falck Global Innovation

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Hunterlab Photospectrometers

This three-product family of laboratory photospectometers represents a bold new direction for Hunterlab products. Introducing a set of new and notable key brand attributes, overarching design principles, and signature design elements has brought harmony to the products despite their unique form factors and end-user functions. The new visual brand language is approachable in the lab, is easy to use and maintain, and celebrates the cutting-edge technology contained within. Hand-fabricated one-at-a-time solutions from previous generations have now been replaced by thoughtful, well-engineered, mass manufacturable parts. This opened the door to innovations like motorized automatic height adjustment, spill-proof internals, and satisfying magnetic closures while also reducing the overall part count.

Designed by: David Bulfin, Paul Rockwell and Monty Montague of BOLTGROUP along with Michael Scardina, Tod Kerr and Michal Haring of Hunterlab

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This online learning platform provides communication-based learning to employees at Enterprise. As employees use the platform, it builds an informal educational foundation for them.

Designed by: Hyunwoo Lee, Jaebin Lee, Choroke Kim, Bori Choi, Soyoung Kim and Seulgi Yang of Samsung SDS

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KTF maximizes productivity by strengthening the innovative digital business collaboration space that meets the free work style and automated AI-based tasks.

Designed by: Hyunmin Kim, Younghyun Choi, Jaeyong Shin, Jiyeon Lee, Seulgi Min, Byeolee Choi, Bokyung Son and Jayoung Yoon of CX Innovation Team for Samsung SDS Corp.

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CRAFTSMAN We Build Pride – 2018 Brand Relaunch

The relaunch of the Craftsman brand, which was purchased from Sears in 2017, represents the largest product launch in the history of not only Stanley Black & Decker but the arguably the entire power tool industry. In less than 18 months, the brand was rebuilt from the ground up. Its complete user experience was overhauled and reimagined, including the products, the packaging, merchandising and the website. The influencer, social and email strategies of every brand touchpoint were also revisited. Most significantly, more than 1,200 new products were launched. 

Designed by: GLOBAL TOOLS & STORAGE, Industrial Design, Insights, Brand and Creative Studio Teams

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Calphalon® Appliances Line Design Language Strategy

This collection of small electric appliances includes a countertop oven, blender, coffeemaker, slow cooker, waffle maker and multi-grill. These appliances allow at-home chefs and everyday cooks to deliver exceptional results. To manage the amount of effort required to deliver an entire line of very diverse products for a common launch window, the product planning involved a co-located global team, an integrated design language strategy and style guides for all product design, interface design and CMF specifications.

Designed by: Newell Brands Design Team

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OPUS Design System

OPUS is a design system for UX/UI designers that helps them work faster and smarter. It provides the best references and templates based on the user analysis and helps designers follow the design standards by giving them real-time feedback about their work. The self-learning structure enables OPUS to continuously develop itself to be a better design buddy.

Designed by: Youjing Jang, Hyeunim Cho, Boyoung Choi, Jaewon Seo, and Taemin Kim of Samsung SDS



FLOW is a logistics monitoring strategy for global logistics control and command centers. The video wall is a vital tool for group collaboration and tactical planning of mission-critical events. FLOW also helps operators and managers obtain insights to make informed decisions when facing issues such as port strikes and natural disasters.

Designed by: Sunghye Cho, Kyungeun Hwang, Ranhee Yu, Junghun Yun and Sungjin Hong of FLOW for Samsung SDS

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TurboTax Visual System Redesign

For the past three years, the TurboTax design language primarily existed as a singular system heavily grounded in DIY tax prep. Intuit’s consumer group has built brand recognition around TurboTax as a fast, painless way to take care of taxes. In need of an update, and paired with the business decision to introduce new offerings beyond just taxes, the TurboTax Visual System Redesign developed a completely revolutionized, cohesive system that will purposefully flex along each customer’s unique journey and deliver an innovative experience end to end.

Taking an outside-in approach, specific decisions were made based on how customers want to act, feel and behave when engaging with the new and different brands (TurboTax Live and Turbo) during tax season and year-round. The result is a more personalized connection reflected throughout the entire online ecosystem and carried through the in-product navigation experience.

Designed by: Intuit Consumer Design Team