Consumer Technology

Yoga C930

The Yoga C930 2-in-1 convertible laptop features Dolby vision, a rotating sound bar hinge, a garaged pen and a camera shutter that is blocked when not in use.

Designed by: Lenovo Experience Design Group

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The Sero

The Sero is a rotation screen that caters to millennials, offering a seamless media experience in mobile entertainment and visual music. It is a lifestyle product that blends into the home environment and provides a variety of innovative user scenarios, including features like audio services, poster mode and intuitive mobile pairing. It offers two screen orientations: Portrait mode features a minimum number of refined product images perfect for vertical visual content such as posters and music, while the landscape orientation features a screen layered on top of a grand sound plate for a greater viewing experience.

Designed by: Chulyong Cho, Taehun Kim, Byungmin Woo, Jaeneung Lee, Bumho Chun of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Space Monitor

The Space Monitor’s new design means you can place the monitor closer to you while working and push it flat against the wall when you’re done, allowing you to reclaim the desk space monitors typically consume. A desk clamp and dual hinge keep the monitor stable while held in various positions or while adjusting the height and distance. Mounted on the double-hinge stand, the monitor appears to float freely, while its geometric bezel-less frame and fabric-patterned finish help it blend into any environment.

Designed by: Wonchul Hwang, Sungjin Ann & Taeyeon Won of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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The PR/01 is a state-of-the-art speaker with advanced connectivity and unmatched acoustics. Featuring a wooden frame, a premium woven fabric screen and brass-toned aluminum controls, the design blends seamlessly into any environment. Using exclusive patented technology, the PR/01 produces superior sound fidelity, even impressively low frequency sounds. With multiple options for audio-in and a hidden drawer that conceals charging ports, the PR/01 is compatible with existing and future technology.

Designed by: NATIVE UNION and La Boite concept

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Mi MIX 3

The Mi MIX 3 is a new slide-type mobile phone with magnetic power. It provides a full visual experience with a display that occupies nearly 94% of the high-definition OLED display area free of any notches or holes. The front features a powerful dual camera and flash. Users can easily toggle the camera on and off by simply sliding apart the front back. The operating system gives users the flexibly to set different sliding launch apps and sliding sound effects to create a more fun experience. 

Designed by: MI Phone Industrial Design Dept. for Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd.

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Logitech MX Vertical

MX Vertical is an advanced ergonomic mouse that combines science-driven design with the performance of Logitech’s MX series. Its natural handshake position has been proven to reduce wrist and forearm strain related to repetitive strain injuries, and the unique 57-degree vertical angle has been optimized for an ergonomic posture without compromising a pixel of performance. MX Vertical has a 4000-dpi high-precision sensor resulting in four times less precision errors. The cursor speed switch allows you to instantly adjust dpi speed and accuracy with the touch of a button. It stays powered for up to five months on a full charge and gets three hours of use from a one-minute quick charge. When people first use MX Vertical, they instantly feel their posture has changed, but they also feel all the familiar controls from their previous experience using mice. They are often surprised at how easy it is to adjust, requiring just a few minutes to get up to speed.

Designed by: Logitech Design Team Europe and Design Partners, Ireland

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The LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R9 showcases a new possibility for TVs. It is now possible to hide the TV screen when it is not in use by rolling it up. It also frees the TV from the usual installation spots, such as a wall or cabinet. Its compact form factor allows you the freedom to place it anywhere, including beside a window or in the middle of the living room, giving users control of their living space. When the screen is rolled up inside the speaker, the device naturally harmonizes with the surroundings just like a beautiful piece of furniture or a premium Hi-Fi audio system. When the screen unfolds, it envelops you with images that feel more realistic than reality. The front speaker is covered with Kvadrat fabric woven with natural wool, lending a warmer feel. The rigid metal of the speaker and the stand as well as their refined geometric silhouette project a sense of stability and refined elegance.

Designed by: Seonkyu Kim, Cheolwoong Shin, Hyunbyung Cha, Minjae Lee, Youngkyoung Kim and Yunjoo Kim of LG Electronics and Design Studio, Foster + Partners

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LAVA ME PRO is a portable electric acoustic guitar designed for aspiring musicians and performers. It provides the elevated acoustic sound quality of a professional performance at a fraction of the size. This one-piece injection guitar was designed entirely from a user-centered perspective. The soundboard is composed of a multilayered composite honeycomb structure that improves sound vibration. Other core components, such as the bridge, nut and saddle, are made with high-stiffness polymer materials, which also play important roles in the transmission of sound vibration. Its portability allows musicians to record and perform anywhere.

Designed by: LAVA MUSIC Design Team

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HP Smart Tank Printers

The HP Smart Tank Printers provide end users with reliable high-volume printing with the elevated convenience and practicality of not having to replace traditional ink cartridges. Often referred to as continuous-ink supply-system printers, they dramatically reduce replenish cycles as compared to traditional cartridge printers. The Smart Tank Printers incorporate large ink tanks that can sustain continual printing for long periods, running from months or even years for average printer utilization rates. The printers were designed for the emerging mass-market needs of small enterprise home offices and micro businesses in markets such as India, China and Indonesia.

Designed by: HP GxD, Home Business Team

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Google Pixel Slate & Pixel Slate Keyboard

The Pixel Slate is a large-screen tablet that can easily connect to the detachable Pixel Slate Keyboard for more versatile mobile computing. The tablet simply snaps to the keyboard and automatically connects, no need to charge the keyboard or connect with Bluetooth. The Pixel Slate features multiple angle adjustments and modes, going from laptop to movie mode or tablet mode. When closed, the detachable Pixel Slate Keyboard protects the front and back of the tablet.

Designed by: Google Hardware Design Team

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