Consumer Technology


Smart home technology has become one of the ways to improve the quality of life inside the home. For ordinary users, however, it can be cumbersome to install and set up such a system, causing many to give up. inSight is a whole-house AI housekeeper featuring a border-less touch screen with a unique knob. It can provide whole-house control, an entertainment system, security monitoring, property life services, medical services, and other functions to enhance the intelligent home experience. It is available in three sizes: 13.3, 10, and 5 inches.

Designed by: Hao Jiang and Shun Wang of Know Design Team for Beijing Ruying Tech. Limited

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WD_Black Gaming Hard Drives

The WD_Black line of digital storage devices was designed for desktop, laptop, and/or console gamers who want faster access to their digital content collections or are simply running short of digital storage space.

Designed by: Western Digital Design Team and Astro Studios Design Team

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Daikin One+ Smart Thermostat

With the Daikin One+ Smart Thermostat, homeowners can do everything from a quick temperature adjustment to scheduling, monitoring indoor air quality, and controlling multiple zones.

Designed by Bould Design for Daikin

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Roku Audio

The Roku Audio line includes wireless speakers, a wireless subwoofer, and a smart soundbar. Paired with a Roku TV, they deliver superior audio to enhance the streaming experience. 

Designed by: Bould Design for Roku

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The X-T30 lightweight camera is equipped with the same sensor, processor, and eight-direction levers as its high-end counterpart in a package that is affordable for hobbyists or as a second camera for professionals.

Designed by: Masazumi Imai and Takeharu Omata of FUJIFILM Corporation

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Hydration Platform

The Hydration Platform is a connected ecosystem that lets you customize your drinking water (water flavor, temperature, and carbonation level), set daily hydration goals, and track your progress.

Designed by: PepsiCo Design and Innovation

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Lyve Drive Modular System

The Lyve Drive is a modular data storage system built for the future of the data sphere. It provides seamless enterprise solutions for data creation points, transport, and cloud storage.

Designed by: Jordan Nollman (CEO & Principal - Sprout Studios) Matthew Bettencourt (Director of Industrial Design - Sprout Studios) and Rich Orsini (Lead Industrial Designer - Sprout Studios) for Seagate Technologies

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The Z3000 dash cam for vehicles enables simultaneous playback of footage being recorded while driving, helping identify the cause of an accident using the recorded images and GPS data.

Designed by: Lee Hyunju, Lee Sengho and Choi Eunho of THINKWARE

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M3_Black Box for Motorcycle

M3 is a high-def black box system for motorcycles with a compact form factor. It provides waterproof and dustproof performance optimized for extreme weather conditions.

Designed by: Lee Yong, Lee SengHo and Choi Eunho of THINKWARE

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ZEISS C-UVPROTECT Screening Tablet

The ZEISS C-UVPROTECT tablet is a handheld device that analyzes whether a person’s corrective lenses are adequately protecting them from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Designed by: Robert Spirito, David Cohen with ZEISS, Patrick Murphy and Ty Hagler of Trig

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