Consumer Technology

KODA Robot Dog

KODA is an advanced robot dog used as a family companion, a seeing-eye dog, or a guard dog to patrol a property. It has four 3-dimensional surround-view cameras and 14 motors, including the neck and tail, which gives it dog-like gestural qualities. KODA can run two meters a second, climb stairs, and respond to and learn from every environmental condition due to its advanced AI and internal 11 teraflop processor. Each KODA is connected to a blockchain network used to share and optimize data among the pack, so every KODA gets smarter over time. KODA’s AI enables it to respond to its owner’s voice commands and emotional state, whether sad, happy, or excited. Its design demonstrates a good balance between a friendly labrador and a slightly intimidating doberman to fit its many purposes.

Designed by: Akifusa Nakazawa, Wei Gu, Dan Harden, IDSA, and Sungbum Park of Whipsaw, Inc. for Delu Dynamics Technology Co, Ltd

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Pocket cloud computer W100

W100 is a cloud computer small enough to fit in a pocket. It is less than half the size of a mobile phone and weighs less than 100 grams. 

Designed by: Chen Danyu, Huangchun, Wan Zhicheng, Zhang Zhiqian, and Zhang Chi of ZTE Corporation

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Lenovo Yoga AIO 7

The Lenovo YOGA AIO 7 is an all-in-one personal desktop computer with a 4K rotatable display, allowing users, especially digital content creators, to work on both landscape and portrait content efficiently.

Designed by: Lenovo Experience Design Group

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ThinkPad X1Fold

ThinkPad Fold is a folding 13.3-inch OLED display laptop designed to adapt to mobile lifestyles. It folds in half around an inductively charged keyboard that is also home to a stylus. 

Designed by: Lenovo EDG

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Breaking the mold for what virtual reality glasses are, HUAWEI features a lightweight, sleek, and stylish foldable design that you can wear like a pair of large sunglasses.

Designed by: Huawei Device Co., Ltd.

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Roku Streambar

The Roku Streambar turns a regular TV into a smart TV with great sound by integrating streaming technology and Dolby Audio into a compact unit that fits neatly under the TV.

Designed by: Fred Bould, IDSA, Jeremy Wolf, IDSA, and Jamie Perin of Bould Design for Roku

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In an age where everywhere you look another LCD display is foisting unwanted information, Vestaboard is a digitally controlled yet mechanical split-flap display designed to connect and inspire people.

Designed by: Bould Design for Vestaboard

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QoocCam 8K Enterprise

QooCam 8K Enterprise is a 360-degree camera that can achieve both 8K live streaming and 8K capturing. Its photosensitive area is 1.5 times that of a 2.3-inch sensor. 

Designed by: Tom Tam of KanDao Technology Co., Ltd.

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PowerStudio 300

In areas prone to natural disasters, the PowerStudio 300 makes for an outstanding backup power supply, and the solar panels allow for the ultimate off-grid experience.

Designed by: Xinlong Wei and Yongzhu Li of Industrial Design Center for Aukey Technology Co., Ltd.

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