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VAVA 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector

The VAVA 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector solves the pain points associated with traditional long-throw home theater projectors. Traditional long-throw projectors require a painful installation process, while the VAVA sits against the wall, reducing clutter and installation hurdles. Since VAVA projects the light against the wall, rather than it having to travel across the room, a much brighter picture is produced. This makes daytime viewing with ambient lighting possible, which is not possible with traditional projectors. The integrated Harmon Kardon sound bar with 60 watts of power is roughly five times more powerful than the speakers in a standard TV.

Designed by: Wai Lim of Y Studios, Caijin Sun of Sunvalleytek International Inc. and Allen Fung of VAVA

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Human Headphones

Human Headphones are band-less on-ear headphones were an intuitive user interface, fashion, and comfort merge to redefine the mobile music experience. Its iconic lightweight, low-profile design was designed to appeal to all music lovers on-the-go. The headphones fit on over 90% of adults, a feat that required 700 3D prints. All buttons were eliminated in favor of capacitive touch technology. With simple finger gestures, listeners can execute multiple playback controls. By launching the mobile app while traveling or in meetings, users can access translations in 11 languages. They can also snap the two earphones together to create a portable Bluetooth speaker.

Designed by: Nonfiction, Maestro PD and Human Inc.

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Google Nest Hub Max

At first glance the Google Nest Hub Max appears to be a digital photo frame. The genie inside the bottle is the built-in Nest camera. The Nest Hub Max was designed to help you stay connected to those important to you through video calls and video messages. It features symphony-quality stereo sound and a generous 10-inch display. With the display floating above the surface, the device projects a clear visual hierarchy, which helps make it more understandable and familiar. The design is unobtrusive and versatile, fitting in among home objects like picture frames without calling undue attention to the technology.

Designed by: Google Hardware Design

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Logitech VR Ink Stylus

The Logitech VR Ink Pilot Edition helps to unleash creativity and collaboration in augmented and virtual reality. It was designed to work seamlessly with Steam VR tracked headsets. It builds on the muscle memory and skills people already have to unlock the power of spatial computing and releases creators from the limitations of 2D screens. It leverages the natural precision of the familiar pencil grip with a pressure sensitive tip that combines 2D surface sketching and writing with full-scale 3D interaction. With VR Ink, you can get to work on a 2D physical surface and continue your creative flow uninterrupted into the 3D space, combining the best of both worlds.

Designed by: Logitech Europe S.A.

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Inclusive IoT

Inclusive IoT collects and processes sounds and delivers information to hearing-impaired users. It consists of an AI speaker, input devices mounted with a microphone, and output devices. It can recognize beeping sounds from household devices, like the washer, and notify users. Rather than simply delivering the sounds themselves, it conveys their message. It converts music into light and color and helps hearing-impaired users experience the rhythms and emotions expressed in the music. The device projects a unique response to each prerecorded voice so users can recognize the voices of their friends and family members.

Designed by: Shinjae Jung, Jueun Lee, Chunkyung Moon and Kwanhee Lee of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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HP Neverstop Laser MFP Printers with TRK


Replacing laser toner means disposing of cartridges and introducing plastic, toner residue, and metal waste into the environment. End-user replacement of laser toner is challenging because of the difficulty in transferring the toner powder safely and cleanly to a printer’s reservoir. The HP Neverstop Laser Printers have solved these problems by creating a new user experience for printers and their printer toner refill mechanism. The printers feature rapid-reload toner tanks that are easy for customers and good for the environment. With the toner reload kit, customers can refill the Neverstop Laser Printer toner tanks in seconds, economically and conveniently.

Designed by: HP Global Experience Design Team

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Galaxy Fold

The Galaxy Fold imbues people’s mobile lives with foldable experiences. This smartphone features flexible display technology and enhanced portability with a screen large enough to accommodate different media. The folding mechanism ensures a seamless transition between the folded and unfolded modes. The cover display on the facade enables users to quickly and conveniently navigate through their phone when folded, then seamlessly transition to the large display when unfolded. The hinge naturally disappears into the body, enabling an uninterrupted full display experience. The device’s dimensions and curves are exquisitely aligned to ensure a smooth and comfortable user experience at every moment.

Designed by: KangMoon Kim, JunHo Jin, WonKyu Sung, YoonYoung Kim and HanGil Song of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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HP Chromebook 11 G8 Education Edition

The Chromebook 11 G8 was designed to withstand students and school days. It can survive a fall off a desk, a splash from a soda, or a tugged power cord. At the same, it is versatile and adaptable to encourage unique, personalized learning styles. It works all the ways students learn: by typing, touching, capturing, writing, and drawing. The computer flips into four modes—laptop, stand, tent, and tablet—and has multimedia tools that let students record, broadcast, and chat with the user-facing camera. And they can see what they’re recording onscreen and capture photos for projects with the optional world-facing 5MP camera.

Designed by: HP Design + Native

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Hoop is a family of AI-enabled home-monitoring cameras designed to keep families informed and connected. Using facial recognition, Hoop learns to identify household members from their profile photos and gets smarter from regularly seeing them. Hoop’s notification settings allow users to dictate what they want to be notified about and when. Gone are interruptions because a leaf floated past a window. Teach Hoop family routines to receive important reminders as they are needed. No more having to worry about forgetting to take out the recycling. Hoop also provides all the standard safety features homeowners have come to expect from home security cameras, with motion alerts, sound alerts, and more.

Designed by: Designed by Josh Morenstein, Nick Cronan, Scott Ross and David Hyun of Branch Creative for C+A Global

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Kodak ‘Smile’ Family of Instant Print Digital Cameras and Printers

The Kodak Smile family of cameras and printers allow users to capture and print their photos instantly and on-the-go using Z-ink technology. The biggest challenge in their development was to create a unique and memorable experience. The instant print camera market is overcrowded, and Kodak has less brand recognition among millennial consumers. Therefore, the design language of the Smile products straddles a product experience that references traditional photography while still being fresh, modern, and engaging, inviting a new audience into the Kodak family. While leveraging traditional camera form factors, the designers created unique interactions that make the products fun to pick up and use.

Designed by: Josh Morenstein, Nick Cronan, David Hyun and Florent Alexandre of Branch Creative for C+A Global

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