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LG OLED Objet Collection (Posé)

Quilt is an emergency ad-hoc communication network designed to assist with initial disaster-relief efforts and address social isolation in urban areas during the first 72 hours of a disaster. Pandemics, fires, earthquakes, floods—the world has seen a rising number of disasters impacting all of us. Quilt offers urban society a sense of agency to cope with such complex hardships. In the aftermath of a disaster, Quilt promotes positive social dynamics, connecting people who are willing and able to provide help with those who are less able. It connects the vast majority, who will generally be fine, with the vulnerable part of the population, who live alone, are disconnected, and are often forgotten.

Designed by: Jong Chul Kim and Sea La Park of LG Electronics Inc.

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HP Chromebase 21.5 inch All-in-One Desktop

The HP Chromebase All-in-One is a versatile desktop computer for the whole household. It replaces the need for a keyboard and mouse, offering touch and voice capabilities. Designed for multiple users and multiple use cases, the small footprint can be placed in a communal location within the home, and the rotating display can pivot between portrait and landscape mode for movies, games, video chats, and convenient web browsing. Speak, tap, touch, and swipe—the HP Chromebase sits in the center of your home ready for hands-free and casual computing. 

Designed by: HP Design

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ProArt Display PA147CDV

Designed with creators in mind, the portable ProArt Display helps streamline the creative process. Approximately the size of a standard keyboard, this color-accurate 32:9 aspect display serves as an extended screen for apps and toolbars. It includes the virtual ASUS Dial and ASUS Control Panel to provide users with comprehensive controls that enable them to work seamlessly with supported Adobe Creative Suite apps. In addition, a physical dial at the base of the display offers precise control and tactile feedback.

Designed by: Marco DaRos for ASUSTek Computer Inc.

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Framework Laptop

The Framework Laptop is a thin, light high-performance 13.5-inch laptop designed to respect people and the planet through upgradability, repairability, and personalization. In addition to common upgrades such as memory or storage replacement, the Framework Laptop enables full upgradeability of all parts, including the motherboard, through the Framework Marketplace. Users can scan the QR codes on each part to find a replacement part or an upgraded part and step-by-step instructions. The Expansion Card system lets users choose exactly the ports they want on their machine. Individually, the Framework Laptop is returning ownership of their products to consumers. Globally, it’s striving to resolve the massive multi-million-ton e-waste problem.

Designed by: Nirav Patel, Po-Yu Chen, and Kieran Levin for Framework Computer Inc

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Logitech Scribe

The Logitech Scribe is an AI-powered whiteboard camera that broadcasts content from dry-erase boards into video meetings. Unlike general-purpose cameras and webcams, it features a custom lens and built-in AI for optimal clarity and real-time low-latency performance. Its powerful AI capabilities can make the presenter transparent, allowing everyone to enjoy an unobstructed view. The Scribe works with virtually any video conferencing application —just connect to a laptop and switch the camera to Scribe. The wireless Share button works with Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows, Zoom Rooms, and other supported room solutions for instant sharing.

Designed by: Logitech Design Team

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Portal Go by Meta

While video calling has been around a long time, it was far from being part of daily life. Once the pandemic hit, the need for a better solution intensified. For many, the hardest part is scheduling a call: What device does the other party use? What service do they need to have? What time are they available? Portal Go removes these barriers and friction by seamlessly connecting the 3.5 billion people who use services like Facebook and WhatsApp, but it also integrates most of the major connection services in the world, such as Zoom, Teams, and Bluejeans.

Designed by: Meta Industrial Design Team

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YOGA Smart Monitor

The Lenovo YOGA Smart Monitor was designed to provide an immersive experience with its stereo speakers and ambient light effects when positioned anywhere around the home. It can also serve as a home control center by connecting it to your IoT home products. With an ultra-slim flat back and beautiful selection of colors, the YOGA Smart Monitor provides a minimalist, sleek build-up, optimizing desk space and keeping cables neat and tidy. You can also connect the monitor to Wi-Fi for a complete Smart TV experience with cinematic-quality results.

Designed by: Yang Run, Catherine Wong, Siao Peng, Li Xin, Huang Zhihua, and Duan Lei for Lenovo

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Opal C1 Camera

The Opal C1 is a portable webcam engineered to elevate the video-conference experience. The high-resolution 4K image is paired with onboard processing to mimic the appearance of professional studio photography setups. Opal’s software enables balanced studio lighting, accurate color, and the natural optical bokeh effect of high-quality camera lenses. The audio path is likewise optimized through a combination of hardware and software using a multi-microphone array and onboard processing to clarify and isolate the user’s voice and subdue background noises. The onboard processing affords features that exceed even studio setups, such as face tracking, reframing, and gesture control capability. 

Designed by: Kenneth Sweet of Design Committee for Opal Camera

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DNAKE Smart Central Control Screen - Slim

Slim is an AI voice-central control screen that integrates smart-security, smart-community, and smart-home technology. It connects each isolated device through Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZIGBEE, and CAN technology, linking people to people and people to computer. Slim uses an automatic control system to create a safe, comfortable, healthy, convenient smart-living environment. Use it to control the lighting settings, video and audio technology, network devices, smart-home devices, and other smart technologies. It can be used for more than two months at a time on a full charge, and it is easily operated by those who are not tech experts.


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Lenovo Smart Clock Gen2 Family

The Lenovo Smart Clock family is a personal daily assistant—an alternative to traditional desk clocks and speakers—to enhance your life. The big digits on the display give you the time, temperature, and other info at a simple glance. The built-in intercom function enables communication between family members in different rooms just by pressing a key—all in a package that effortlessly complements your decor. You can also upgrade your experience by connecting clocks with various docks, such as the ambient light dock, the white noise dock, a wireless charging pad, and more.

Designed by: Lenovo Design Innovation Team

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