Consumer Technology

True Wireless ANC In-Ear Headphones

The True Wireless ANC In-Ear Headphones combine active noise cancellation with a hybrid acoustic dual-driver design (a dynamic driver and balanced armature).

Designed by: Sun Xin and William Shi-Chen Xu of Tiinlab Inc.

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The THETA Z1 camera produces 360-degree images with stunning resolution and clarity. The images are so real that when viewing them, you feel as if you are really there.

Designed by: Tomohiko Sasaki, Toshiya Inaba, Takeshi Matsushita and Toshihiko Kawa of Ricoh Company, Ltd.

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The design inspiration for the Chips~chips Android TV box came from the potato chips eaten while watching TV, creating a friendly and evocative form and an emotional connection between product and user.

Designed by: Li Haopeng (design lead),Wang Guangyu,Yu Lu,Li Minyang and Li Huanxi of Shenzhen Skyworth Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

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Logitech G Adaptive Gaming Kit

The Logitech G Adaptive Gaming Kit unlocks the potential of the Xbox Adaptive Controller with a powerful set of tools. It is a unified hub for devices that makes gaming more accessible to those with limited mobility. At its core, it is a base station with basic functionality: two large A and B buttons and a slightly oversized D-pad, home, menu, and info buttons. To truly unlock its potential, the user needs to connect other buttons, joysticks, or additional input devices to its many ports. This insight led the Logitech G team to develop an assortment of buttons that connect to these ports, turning it into a powerful controller for gamers facing a wide variety of physical challenges. 

Designed by: Logitech Europe S.A.

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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K

The Pocket Cinema Camera 6K was designed specifically for indie filmmakers and TV and web broadcasters. At $2,495, it offers the image quality needed for seamless integration into Hollywood workflows indistinguishable from cameras costing five times as much. The extra resolution inherent in 6K allows handheld footage to be reframed and stabilized without affecting image quality. The EF lens mount accommodates larger photographic lenses for shallower depth of field and engaging, cinematic images with defocused backgrounds. Its carbon fiber composite body has the strength and rigidity of die-cast steel at half the weight and cost with refined ergonomics for secure one-handed shooting.

Designed by: Blackmagic Industrial Design Team

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The Q950TS QLED television is the flagship model of Samsung’s 8K product line. It employs an infinity screen in which the bezel has been done away with for a full immersion viewing experience that eliminates the boundary between the screen and its surroundings. The surround sound system is housed in a flat 15-millimeter plate that envelops the viewer from all directions even without a separate sound bar. The stand is small but sturdy and sports a simple design that accentuates the masterpiece quality of the TV, while the wall mount option allows the TV to be placed flush against the wall with the barest of gaps. 

Designed by: SeungHo Lee, Jaewook Yoo, Jangho Kim and Jeewon Kim of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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HoloLens 2

The HoloLens 2 is a pair of mixed reality smart glasses. At its core, the HoloLens 2 is a human-centered device. This means that the technology melts away—there’s no barrier between you and the device, and you instinctively know how to use it. It makes mixed reality feel like a true merging of the digital and physical worlds. When combined with apps and solutions, the HoloLens 2 helps people across a business to learn, communicate, and collaborate more effectively. The HoloLens 2 is the culmination of breakthroughs in hardware design, artificial intelligence, and mixed reality designed to help lead industry into the future.

Designed by: Microsoft Device Design Team

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Sonos Amp

The Sonos Amp is a powerful and versatile home audio hub that powers traditional wired speakers with sound from nearly any source and fully integrates the speakers into Sonos’ easy-to-use wireless home sound system. The Amp is twice as powerful as its predecessor, supports Apple’s AirPlay 2 and more than 100 streaming services, and includes an HDMI Arc port for TVs. Amp is designed to fit perfectly into standard AV racks used by custom install professionals and can power up to four speakers with 125 watts per channel—more than enough for even the most demanding setups. Onboard HDMI and line-in ports means TVs, turntables, CD changers, and other audio components can easily connect with Amp and become part of the Sonos system. Users can also incorporate Amp into integrated smart home setups, including smart lighting and centralized control systems. And when wirelessly connected to a Google Assistant or Alexa-enabled device, Amp can easily be controlled with voice commands.

Designed by: Sonos Design Team

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The Z5000 projector is equipped with a folded two-axial rotatable lens that allows for unobtrusive large-screen projection onto the wall, ceiling, or floor. Shifting between portrait and landscape projection can also be carried out simply by rotating the lens. The lens shift range is the largest achieved by ultra-short-throw projector, 82% vertically and 32% horizontally. This versatility makes it perfect for a variety of use cases, from large-screen digital signage in public spaces to displays in museums and art galleries. The exterior also features a sleek, stylish look to match the wide variety of professional and creative environments in which projectors are employed. The flat streamlined design of the unit and the ability to install it either vertically or horizontally further reduce the intrusion of the projector into the space. Combined, these elements make it possible for creators to produce a variety of visual displays without breaking the immersion of the viewer. 

Designed by: Koji Yoshida and Kunihiko Tanaka of FUJIFILM Corporation

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The TS-X 1440 is the latest iteration in a series of advanced binoculars that have long been the choice of professionals in fields like defense and law enforcement where accuracy is of paramount importance and failure is not an option. As the series expands to the general public, comfort and ease of operation have become increasingly important. The weight accrued as a result of the advanced technology is offset by a design that avoids any adverse impact to the user experience. The grip allows users to establish a firm hold with both hands even when wearing gloves or when hands are wet, and regardless of hand size. The floating design of the main body also gives users peace of mind when using the binoculars in marine environments. In addition, optimized positioning of the buttons and the ability to differentiate them without removing the binoculars increase operability and allow users to make adjustments while maintaining focus on the subject. 

Designed by: Hiroyuki Sakai of FUJIFILM Corporation

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