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Portal Plus by Meta

Portal Plus integrates workplace and productivity communication services like Teams, Zoom, and Bluejeans to provide a quality experience at a fraction of the cost of competitors. Laptops, webcams, and smartphones are all common commodities that connect people for work. In each case, however, they are limited by all of the other things they must do, and calling is underserved. Portal Plus integrates with these devices, putting calling and connection at the front of the experience. When off the clock, Portal Plus serves as the hub for the home, offering Facebook, WhatsApp, Spotify, and voice-assistant functions to family members.

Designed by: Meta Industrial Design Team

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Rally Bar & Rally Bar Mini

The Rally Bar features cinema-quality video and audio in a sleek all-in-one form factor, allowing customers to deploy a video conferencing appliance in medium and larger rooms. With a dual-camera system and RightSight 2 auto-framing technology, Rally Bar welcomes remote participants to the conversation. Choose Speaker View to highlight the active speaker or Group View to capture everyone in the room, or combine the two for an immersive and engaging experience. Its advanced audio engineering delivers rich, natural sound and makes sure every voice is clearly heard.

Designed by: Logitech Design Team

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The VIVE Flow is a compact, lightweight, immersive glasses device designed to help people nurture their minds, relax, have fun, and go with the flow. It is an all-in-two extended-reality solution for improving mindfulness and well-being, playing light games, and connecting with friends and family. The pancake-lens design, dual-hinge architecture, and soft face gasket allow it to fold into a compact footprint while providing ergonomics that accommodate many head shapes and sizes. It also has built-in adjustable diopters for each eye, allowing users to dial in their viewing sweet spot easily and quickly. In addition, its active cooling system pulls warm air away from your face, keeping you comfortable throughout the day.

Designed by: Kuen Chang, Natalia Amijo, Ian Mcgillivray, Chris Chen, and Ethan Wang

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Ring Video Doorbell 4

The Ring Video Doorbell 4 enhances the smart security of any home. It contains a high-definition camera, motion sensor, microphone, and speaker for two-way audio communication. It allows homeowners to view real-time video from the camera, receive notifications when the doorbell is rung, and communicate with visitors at the door. It features 1080p HD video with improved battery life, enhanced dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity, and improved motion detection. The doorbell offers different power options: a quick-release rechargeable battery pack or a hardwire option for continuous power. The interchangeable faceplates are available in multiple colors, allowing users to customize the look.

Designed by: Ring Design

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Double-sided display transparent LED screen

The Double-sided display is a transparent LED screen that displays content on both the front and back of the screen; the information displayed on each side can be different. It is ideal for window advertising. The light transmittance of the product is higher than 80%, which improves the brightness of the space. This new generation of intelligent high-tech products features integrated packaging LED technology and nano-film glass-surface circuit technology. The mobile app lets retailers personalize the content, offering a large number of templates to choose from, and manage the content through the cloud.


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The JMGO O1 Pro is an ultra-short-throw projector designed to enrich home living, providing emotional companionship and rich content interactively. In the context of a compact home, the O1 Pro fully leverages UST technology to turn any wall in a home into an ideal virtual space, coined the “Wonderwall.” It adapts to the home environment with a sleek, rounded, and simple appearance, with low-saturated/reflective CMF to express a calm and intimate attitude. It’s equipped with an IPS for automatic recognition of gestures and the surrounding environment, providing an enriching interactive experience.

Designed by: Gang Zhao, Sidney Wilson Nai, Haitian Wang, Arman Abraamian, and Dan Hu of JMGO Design for Shenzhen Holatek Corp.

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Microsoft Surface Adaptive Kit

Created in partnership with people with disabilities to support a variety of needs, the Microsoft Surface Adaptive Kit makes it easier to use and navigate devices through assistance from tactile, contrast, and mobility add-ons. It introduces several novel ways to make devices adapt to customer needs in one compact package. The four included cards encompass 40 total products, allowing for a wide range of adaptive customization. With the label kit, for example, customers can identify critical keys, match ports and cables, and open compatible devices and accessories. The Adaptive Kit is easy to unbox, customize, and apply to select PCs and accessories. 

Designed by: Windows and Devices Design Team, Windows and Devices Accessibility Team, and Microsoft Inclusive Tech Lab for Microsoft Corp.

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Surface Duo 2

For the past decade, the mobile industry has made small incremental improvements without any revolutionary architectural changes. The Surface Duo 2 is an attempt to push the industry forward with more productive mobile-device solutions. It offers a dual-screen architecture that enables consumers to use two of their favorite apps side-by-side. When using a traditional single-screen mobile device, users must close one app to reference content from another app, a limiting and frustrating experience. With the Surface Duo 2, it’s like having a small tablet in your pocket, letting you multitask like you would on your tablet or PC.

Designed by: Windows and Devices Design Team

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Syng Cell Alpha

For music in the home, the industry has only recently begun to move beyond simple two-channel stereo playback, nearly a century after its invention. The Syng Cell Alpha reads the characteristics of any room and intelligently presents the audio to the entire space as an immersive soundstage. It can virtualize any speaker array with precise placement of left, right, and center content of stereo and multi-channel movie surround formats, such as 5.1. In all cases, it automatically composes the content to reproduce its spatial nature and to best present it by accounting for the shape and nature of the listening environment.

Designed by: Syng

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Blackmagic Studio Camera

The Blackmagic Studio Camera is a self-contained broadcast camera designed for live productions like concerts, sporting events, and TV. At one-10th the cost of traditional systems, it offers independent studios, small businesses, and web broadcasters an integrated suite of professional video imaging, monitoring, and production features. Portable, intuitive, and quick to set up, the purposeful, miniaturized design inspires trust. Accessible to almost anyone, the Blackmagic Studio Camera is easy to use, with an intuitive touch-screen interface that requires little technical experience and little additional investment to produce professional-quality live footage. 

Designed by: Blackmagic Industrial Design Team

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