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Giroptic iO

Giroptic iO is a 360-degree camera that enables smartphones and tablets to easily shoot immersive 4K still photos and enhanced 2K video and share them on social networks and live streams. It delivers the immersive experience of virtual reality in a small and lightweight form factor that lends itself to daily use across the mass consumer market, encouraging the expansion of virtual reality technologies and the proliferation of virtual reality content online. 

Designed by: Charlie Nghiem, Taehun Ko, Colton Sanford and Stephanie Henze of LUNAR; and Geoffrey Regia-Corte and Alexis Marque of Giroptic for Giroptic

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Curved Gaming Monitor CHG90

The Curved Gaming Monitor CHG90 provides an overwhelming sense of immersion and usability through a 32:9 curved monitor. Human engineering-related research and actual measurements defined the viewing angle and curvature with which users can experience the greatest sense of immersion based on monitor-watching distance. The CHG690 also reflects lighting and angle adjustment based on gamers' needs. Cap type antennas on the top and bottom protect the LCD from shattering by external shocks, while a detachable battery cover uses 6013 aluminum alloy for increased strength and durability. 

Designed by: Minjoon Jung and Taeyeon Won of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


01 Dimensioning Instrument

01 is the world’s first dimensioning instrument. Carved in aluminum—and contained within a pen, pencil or stylus—01 rolls to capture the dimensions of any object using the Lite app and the 3D curves of any object using the Pro app. Consumers can log the dimensions, convert units and the scale, and share the information via a smartphone. An app allows 3D curves to be imported into most CAD packages.

Designed by: Mladen Barbaric, Minkyu Choi, Sungmoon Kim, Bong Geun Kim and Denis Olenik for InstruMMents Inc.

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Valet Charger™ Power Pack 6700 mAh for Apple Watch + iPhone

The Belkin Power Pack for Apple Watch + iPhone is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to charge their Apple Watch and iPhone on the go. With a built-in magnetic charging module, USB port and 6700mAh battery, users can charge both devices twice. The thin form factor makes it easily pocketable or tuckable into a bag—ensuring extra battery life when it's needed. The simple geometry is elegant and keeps mobile devices stable and easy to interact with, so you’ll never miss an alert or message while charging.

Designed by: Peter Schmidt, Mitchell Suckle, IDSA and Oliver Seil of Belkin International

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Tile Mate

Everyone hates to lose their stuff. Tile Mate is a wireless tracker that attaches to your objects, sending a signal to the Tile network so you always know where they are. We've all lost electronics, luggage, keys, wallets, phones and other valuable items. Now you can keep track with Tile Mate. It's as small and discreet as possible without losing functionality.

Designed by: Yves Béhar, IDSA, Qin Li, IDSA, Amina Horozic and Valentin Sollier of fuseproject for Tile, Inc.

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Polaroid Snap Touch

The Polaroid Snap Touch is an instant digital printing camera that brings back the fun of physical photos. It delivers the simplicity and spontaneity synonymous with Polaroid in a pocket-sized form factor. While smartphones have become the default tool for taking photos, the Polaroid Snap Touch is a reason to consider a standalone camera again. Instead of photos living virtually on social media, Polaroid is getting people excited about prints! 

Designed by: Ammunition and C&A Marketing for Polaroid

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Jamboard is a first-of-its-kind fully integrated hardware and software solution for next-generation collaboration. Designed and built by a team of designers, engineers, thinkers and makers, Jamboard brings the familiarity of a whiteboard to a dynamic surface that meets the needs of an increasingly dynamic workplace. Teams can jot notes, sketch plans or frame an idea seamlessly and remotely with coworkers everywhere. 

Designed by: Johan Liden, IDSA, Brett Tom, Nick Burrows, Eric Call and Danvu Nguyen of Aruliden; and TJ Varghese of Google for Google

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Gear IconX

The Gear IconX wireless earbuds focus on music from a fitness-first prospective—spicing up routines by playing favorite workout tunes via the internal storage while also tracking critical fitness metrics, including heart rate, distance and calories burned. The IconX earbuds provide real-time fitness coaching, even without a smartphone. In addition, with its built-in heart rate monitor, the standalone voice guide helps you stay in the vigorous intensity zone for a more effective workout.

Designed by: Seounghyun Son, Rhys Bonahoom, Grace Lee and Ji Yeon Lee of Samsung Design America

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Chromebook Plus | Pro

The hybrid Chromebook Plus | Pro caters to a broad range of user environments with a 360-degree rotating touch screen. The lightweight design seeks to attract the customer segment accustomed to tablet use. The exterior is made of magnesium alloy to maintain a light build and supreme rigidity. To ensure slimness and silence, the device features a fanless design. A digitized pen, a handy tool for notetaking and drawing, is mounted on the side for easy access and safe storage. The Plus Pro has a variety of settings from laptop mode to tablet mode.

Designed by: SeungHo Jung, Ho-Young Seoc, Kyung-Jin Lee and Ik-Sang Kim of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Microsoft Surface Studio

Surface Studio is an all-in-one computer that transforms the way people create and produce. Built with creatives in mind, it redefines the ideology of an all-in-one computer that adjusts to the tasks at hand. Surface Studio is equipped with the thinnest in-class display mounted on a zero-gravity hinge, making it seem like a floating sheet of pixels. This simple gesture allows continuous workflow, switching from work mode to drafting to upright orientations with just one finger.

Designed by: Microsoft

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