Consumer Technology

Lenovo Yoga 7000 Smart Projector

The Yoga7000 smart projector brings the ultimate cinematic experience to the home. Its laser technology has a peak brightness of up to 2000ANSI, and it projects a diagonal image up to 110 inches. 

Designed by: Yang Run, Catherine Wong Siao Peng, Li Xin, and Duan Lei for Lenovo

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Lenovo Xiaoxin 520 Smart Projector

The Yoga3000 is a thin and portable 1080P smart projector with a compact dimension and precise engineering, providing an immersive home-theater experience for users. 

Designed by: Yang Run, Catherine Wong Siao Peng, Li Xin, Yuan Xiangfei, and Duan Lei for Lenovo

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instax mini EVO

The instax mini EVO leverages digital technology to expand the possibilities of instant photography. It includes lens and film effects that can be used in 100 different combinations. 

Designed by: Masayuki Sakai and Masako Suehiro of FUJIFILM Corporation Design Center

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HPRT Z1 is an instant imaging camera with a fast film-output speed. Up to eight kinds of filter effects can be adjusted using the knob. 

Designed by: Ma Junyu, Lv Yun, Wang Junrong, Lin Yongming, and Chen Liang of HPRT Industrial Design Team for Xiamen Hanin Electronic Technology Co., LTD

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With a flat front and rear grips, the X-E4 features a simple design and timeless styling reminiscent of a classic analog camera that is ideal for capturing unique moments with impressive clarity. 

Designed by: Megumi Mori and Masazumi Imai of FUJIFILM Corporation Design Center

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Emotn C1

The appearance design of the Emotn C1 projector is stylish with a highly recognizable body. The top space of the projector was designed as a slot for placing phones and remote controls. 

Designed by: Zhengbiao Jiang, Wentao Hu, Chao Wang, Jiangshan Dong, and Guoqiang Yuan of Hangzhou XIVO Design Co., Ltd. for DangQu Network Technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.

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Cosmos Laser 4K

The Cosmos Laser 4K projector uses the same laser technology as the leading theater chains, allowing it to project images at 2,400 ISO Lumens while enhancing vividness and realism. 

Designed by: Kebi Ding, Peilin Li, Chenlin Liu, Hyungwoo Yoon, and Xuefeng Bai of Shenzhen Oceanwing Smart Innovation Co., Ltd for Anker Innovations Technology Co.,Ltd

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C Series AI×IOT TV Camera

TVs are no longer just display devices for watching content. The portable C Series AI×IOT TV Camera provides users with flexible solutions that cater to different personal, professional, and family requirements. 

Designed by: Design Innovation Center of Shenzhen TCL New Technology Co., Ltd.

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AI Intelligent 3D Printer

This 3D printer integrates AI algorithms for the extraction of image features, deep evaluation, model building in 3D space, and printing of high-fidelity 3D models with only photos. 

Designed by: You Yongyu, Xie Shen, Li Xianshen, Hu Qiaowei, and Chen Tianrun of Shenzhen Maooxd Island Industrial Design Co., Ltd. for Moxin (Huzhou) Tech. Co., LTD.

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