The Premiere (LSP9T) 4K Smart Triple Laser Projector


The Premiere LSP9T is a cutting-edge 4K projector that supports laser-powered 4K picture resolution on a 100-inch or larger screen. Despite its compact size, it provides a large screen and surround sound to create an immersive experience, and the 4K laser projector supports stunning picture quality. The intrusive mechanical design of conventional projectors looks awkward in the center of a living room. The design of The Premiere considered various lifestyles and environments. Its soft silhouette, gentle edges, and monotone color, coupled with its fabric finish, do not impose on its surroundings, seamlessly harmonizing with any space when not in use.

Designed by: Sungil Bang, Junpyo Kim, Byungwook Kang, and Jigwang Kim of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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