The LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R9 showcases a new possibility for TVs. It is now possible to hide the TV screen when it is not in use by rolling it up. It also frees the TV from the usual installation spots, such as a wall or cabinet. Its compact form factor allows you the freedom to place it anywhere, including beside a window or in the middle of the living room, giving users control of their living space. When the screen is rolled up inside the speaker, the device naturally harmonizes with the surroundings just like a beautiful piece of furniture or a premium Hi-Fi audio system. When the screen unfolds, it envelops you with images that feel more realistic than reality. The front speaker is covered with Kvadrat fabric woven with natural wool, lending a warmer feel. The rigid metal of the speaker and the stand as well as their refined geometric silhouette project a sense of stability and refined elegance.

Designed by: Seonkyu Kim, Cheolwoong Shin, Hyunbyung Cha, Minjae Lee, Youngkyoung Kim and Yunjoo Kim of LG Electronics and Design Studio, Foster + Partners

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