Kandao Obsidian Pro


The Kandao Obsidian Pro is a 360-degree film-level camera with two selectable focal distances and multiple aperture gears. Equipped with 8 APS-C CMOS, it can output 12K x 12K, 10bit 3D@30fps ultra-high-resolution 3D panoramic video. With Kandao’s KDRaw encoding format and 14-bit ultra-precision image acquisition technology, the visual effect is extremely realistic and immersive. It features built-in nine-axis anti-shake IMU, GPS, Wi-Fi 6, a high-definition LCD touch screen, a 10 gigabit ethernet port, external 360-degree microphone reception, and support for in-cam 8K panoramic live.

Designed by: Tom Tam and Zhu Ping of KanDao Technology Co.,Ltd.

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