JBL UB4100 Soundbar

Featured Finalist

JBL UB4100 Soundbar is an amplified, high performance, full range, weatherproof Bluetooth speaker system that is designed for Utility Task Vehicles, boats and other personal and family outdoor, powersports. UB4100 attaches onto rollbars of UTV vehicles and is subject to extreme g-forces, vibration, moisture, dirt, dust, rain and extreme temperatures. It can split into separate units for flexibility. A high-efficiency Class D amplifier is built-in with 80W per channel, which allows the device to produce 100db at 4 meters into a free space environment. There are also map lights, as well as a removable remote control.

Designed by: Kasin Chan and Myk Lum, IDSA, of LDA for Harman International

Contact: mykl@ldallc.com | www.LDALLC.com