Intel Compute Card

Featured Finalist

The Intel Compute Card is a microcomputer designed to bring Intel-powered compute into everyday devices—simply and efficiently. To best embody this, the Intel Compute Card illustrates a clean and dynamic design aesthetic, with user-centered ergonomics and seamless usability with its ecosystem. The pure pill-shape form of the Intel Compute Card securely protects the complex internal technology, with a color and material break that provides a quick-read visual cue of proper orientation and alignment for card insertion. The chassis—made of aluminum with a fine textured sandblast finish—offers an inviting and tactile experience between the user and the systems it works within, and maintains an appropriate allowance of high-volume manufacturability. This new Compute Card product category allows for devices to be upgraded seamlessly, without burdening the end user—or the environment—to buy an entirely new device or system.

Designed by: Aleks Magi, IDSA, Dave Collins, Steve Berry and Intel IDXO of Intel Corp.

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