Google Pixelbook & Pixelbook Pen

The Google Pixelbook is the thinnest laptop that can rotate upon itself to become a tablet. The product is not compromised in usability in either mode, has class-leading Wi-Fi reception and demonstrates a build quality unmatched by the competition. Combined with the stability, reliability and always updated Chrome OS operating system, it provides a professional-level product that stretches the boundaries for the platform. The goal of Pixelbook was to make the thinnest 360-degree laptop without compromising usability in either laptop or tablet mode. Google overcame the challenges of reconfiguring computer hardware, creating a 360-degree hinge and keeping the structure light but also rigid—all with just a 10.3-millimeter thickness. The Pixelbook Pen provides a more natural drawing and handwriting interaction, including a button to directly access the Google Assistant that enables the user to search by circling content.

Designed by: Google Hardware Design Team for Google LLC