The TS-X 1440 is the latest iteration in a series of advanced binoculars that have long been the choice of professionals in fields like defense and law enforcement where accuracy is of paramount importance and failure is not an option. As the series expands to the general public, comfort and ease of operation have become increasingly important. The weight accrued as a result of the advanced technology is offset by a design that avoids any adverse impact to the user experience. The grip allows users to establish a firm hold with both hands even when wearing gloves or when hands are wet, and regardless of hand size. The floating design of the main body also gives users peace of mind when using the binoculars in marine environments. In addition, optimized positioning of the buttons and the ability to differentiate them without removing the binoculars increase operability and allow users to make adjustments while maintaining focus on the subject. 

Designed by: Hiroyuki Sakai of FUJIFILM Corporation

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