The Z5000 projector is equipped with a folded two-axial rotatable lens that allows for unobtrusive large-screen projection onto the wall, ceiling, or floor. Shifting between portrait and landscape projection can also be carried out simply by rotating the lens. The lens shift range is the largest achieved by ultra-short-throw projector, 82% vertically and 32% horizontally. This versatility makes it perfect for a variety of use cases, from large-screen digital signage in public spaces to displays in museums and art galleries. The exterior also features a sleek, stylish look to match the wide variety of professional and creative environments in which projectors are employed. The flat streamlined design of the unit and the ability to install it either vertically or horizontally further reduce the intrusion of the projector into the space. Combined, these elements make it possible for creators to produce a variety of visual displays without breaking the immersion of the viewer. 

Designed by: Koji Yoshida and Kunihiko Tanaka of FUJIFILM Corporation

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