Dolby Dimension


Dolby Dimension™ are wireless Bluetooth headphones perfected for entertainment at home. Their key feature is Dolby LifeMix™, which lets you control how much of your surroundings you let in, from a perfect blend of your entertainment and life around you (transparency mode) to shutting out the world (active noise cancellation mode). With one-touch switching, you can easily pair the headset with three Bluetooth devices. The secure custom-curved headband maximizes comfort over long periods of time, while the earcups are fully wrapped in a durable synthetic leather, progressively getting softer before seamlessly blending into the custom-formed ear pads. 

Designed by: Grayson Byrd, IDSA, Peter Michaelian, Cody Proksa, Lucas Saule, IDSA, & Vince Voron, IDSA of Dolby Design

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