Consumer Technology

Innergie USB-C Laptop Adapter

The Innergie USB-C Laptop Adapter is the world’s smallest and most versatile adapter. It charges all devices, including 65-watt laptops, tablets and smartphones, in a footprint smaller than a shot glass. The US model integrates a foldable plug within a notch, while the international model features modular plugs with two-way installation.

Designed by: Red Hung, Keith Hsieh, Watson Hu and PSBG R&D Team of Delta Electronics for Innergie.


YOGA 730

Presenting a major step forward in elegant design, the YOGA 730 is the latest premium convertible notebook computer from Lenovo. It is incredibly thin, measuring less than 14 millimeters, and can fold 360 degrees backwards to create a highly capable Windows tablet.

Designed by: Lenovo Experience Design Group


Unibody Cable

Unibody Cable is the toughest small-sized charging cable ever made. The unibody structure is covered by nylon fiber outside and Kevlar fiber inside that leaves no gaps, giving it incredible durability. It can withstand being bent 10,000 times and pulled with a force of 50 kilograms.

Designed by: Tang Feng, Dong Xiaoyu, Xu Yong and Wang Zhiyao of Zimi Corp.


Tab4 with Home assistant pack

The Lenovo TAB4 Home Assistant Pack with a detachable screen flexes to the user, transforming into a smart assistant, a 2-in-1 tablet or a kid’s tablet. It has two powerful 3-watt speakers that can fill a large room, recognizes your voice up to 3 meters away and weighs only 300 grams.

Designed by: Lenovo Experience Design Group


Smartisan U2 Pro

Most competitors tend to design round-style smartphones, and most consumers are unaware of this trend. The Smartisan U2 Pro maintains the pure rectangular lines of minimalist design aesthetics.

Designed by: Smartisan Industrial Design Team


Miix 630

The Lenovo Miix 630 is the world’s first ARM-based 2-in-1 laptop. It provides a full Windows computer experience with an extremely long battery life, an adjustable hinge that allows any angle and a full PC keyboard.

Designed by: Lenovo Experience Design Group


Mercku M2 Wi-Fi Router

The Mercku M2 Wi-Fi Router covers up to 3,000 square feet and can be joined with multiple routers to form a mesh network. It eliminates dead spots, improves performance speeds and serves as a connectivity superhighway to power all IoT devices within the home.

Designed by: Ronghao Jin for Mercku Inc.


Mercku M2 Hive Wi-Fi System

The M2 Hive System utilizes one M2 Wi-Fi Router and multiple plug-in nodes spread around the house to extend the signal to all corners of the living space, eliminating dead spots and boosting areas lacking sufficient Wi-Fi coverage. It can host up to 80 simultaneous users and allows for industry-leading speed.

Designed by: Ronghao Jin for Mercku Inc.


HP Sprocket Plus

The HP Sprocket Plus is a wireless handheld photo printer about the size of a smartphone that instantly creates snapshots and stickers. It connects to the user’s phone through Bluetooth. The tools in the free HP Sprocket App allow users to customize photos by adding text, boarders and filters.

Designed by: HP Global Experience Design Team / HP Imaging & Printing, HP Inc.

Contact: drolan@gmail.com

Eero Home WiFi System

The Eero Home WiFi System creates a wireless mesh network providing uniform Wi-Fi that can synchronously handle web surfing, multiple video and audio streams, and IoT connected devices throughout the home. The system lets you easily share your network with guests through a simple smartphone app.

Designed by: Fred Bould, IDSA, Jeremy Wolf, Bernardo Bajana and Tristan Cannan for Eero