Consumer Technology

ZMI PurSpace X Wireless Noise Cancelling Earphones

This pair of wireless noise-canceling Bluetooth earphones can be used in full in-ear mode and half in-ear mode. It achieves active noise cancellation in both modes. 

Designed by: Ziyao Wang, Zhiyao Wang, and Chong Wang, ZMI Design Team

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Wireless Router

Equipped with a high-gain antenna, this high-performance Wi-Fi 6 wireless router offers a signal transmission efficiency of up to 90%. The algorithm tracks the signal source, increasing the coverage radius by 20%. 

Designed by: Zhen Sun, Chun Huang, Wanyue Chen, Qiushi Lin, and Zhiqian Zhang for ZTE Corporation

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Wave:3 Microphone

The Wave:3 Microphone was developed for content creators and streamers, offering audio that elevates amateurs to professionals. It was designed for intuitive ease of use and personalization. 

Designed by: Stephan Lintner, Julian Schloemer, and Armir Zeka of KISKA GmbH for Elgato

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VITURE ONE is an XR (extended reality) wearable device powered by Google ATV that allows the user to enjoy their favorite games, shows, and films as if they were in a portable theater. 

Designed by: Gonglue Jiang, Linhao Su, Jiayi Zhu, and Benjamin Hubert of Beijing Boundless Walker Technology Limited Company for Viture Inc.

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Unear-A20 audio and video conference integrated machine

The Unear-A20 is an all-in-one audio and video conference machine for small meeting rooms and individual offices. It features a 90-degree horizontal view and supports full HD video calls. 

Designed by: Wu Jie, Wutian Fu, Zheng Yong, Zhang and Danting for Zhejiang Uniview Technologies Co., Ltd

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U1S Series 4K LED Smart Android TV

The U series of smart TVs creates an immersive experience when watching movies with its full-screen design with a 1-millimeter frame. It is offered in three sizes: 50, 55, and 65 inches. 

Designed by: Zhang Wenming, Gao Huaming, Wang Zhenqi, Zheng Kaizhong, and Huang Huisi for Shenzhen Branch of Guangdong OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Corp., Ltd.

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The SoundTube speakers can play their favorite music through Bluetooth or by connecting to their smart devices through TYPE-C, USB drive, or PC sound card. 

Designed by: Ye Liangwen, Long Hanqing, Yu Xueliang, and Wang Yang for Shenzhen Aiper Intelligent Co., Ltd.

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Smart Speaker STB

This smart-home terminal integrates 4K set-top boxes and smart speakers. It features intelligent voice recognition and interaction capabilities and provides users with a convenient, intelligent, and diversified experience. 

Designed by: Aimin Shao, Chun Huang, Wanyue Chen, Qiushi Lin, and Zhiqian Zhang for ZTE Corporation

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OPPO Air Glass

OPPO Air Glass will serve as an auxiliary tool for people with hearing impairments. Powered by voice recognition technology, it transcribes speech to text in real time. 

Designed by: Xiaoyu Fan and Chengkan Lyu of OPPO

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Lenovo Yoga T500 play Smart Projector

The Yoga T500play is a smart projector that blends smart technology and premium quality designed to harmonize with the home environment whether the power is on or off. 

Designed by: Yang Run, Catherine Wong Siao Peng, Li Xin, Huang Zhihua, and Duan Lei for Lenovo

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