Traverse - Adaptive Forearm Crutch

Traverse is an adaptive forearm crutch designed for people with short- or long-term mobility and hand-dexterity challenges. It provides improved gait, independent donning and doffing, and discreet adjustability for weight bearing and grip alignment. As part of Disability Awareness Week, a team of human factors researchers, designers, and engineers donated time, material, and expertise to help a former colleague who was facing a long-term disability. The vision was to change the way assistive devices are designed by normalizing mobility aids to reduce social stigma and allow users to traverse the world around them. Although they solved for one, Traverse has the potential to meet the needs of many. 

Designed by: Steven Vordenberg, Jim Best, IDSA, Engin Hassamanci, Jim Tirone, and Derek Hugger of Farm, A Flex Company

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