Concepts & Speculative Design

Outside the Box

Outside the Box consists of a wooden box with 30 illustrated cards that help those diagnosed with type 2 diabetes learn healthier ways of living.

Designed by: Marcus Mustafa, Dominik Donocik, Marine Demeyere, Keith Bone, and Marcus Hoggarth of Native Design for Boehringer Ingelheim

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Calmo (Automatic Formula Milk)

Calmo allows you to easily make baby formula with a simple, modern design that fits perfectly into any modern kitchen environment.

Designed by: YOUYEON CO., LTD, Federico Rossi, Giovanni Duro by ZAAF Design Italy

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TCL Flexband

FLEXBAND is a small wearable smartphone with a flexible battery and dragon-hinge design that allows it to transform between being a smartphone and a watch.

Designed by: Global Design Center, JRD Communication (Shenzhen) LTD.

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Beyond traditional input devices that only enter commands, Linkboard collaborates with a variety of digital assets to support users’ work seamlessly and proactively without cluttering the workspace.

Designed by: Suhyun Na, Sunmi Jin, Seunghwan Choi, Shinjae Jung, and Seo Lee of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Mirion Design Language System

The Mirion Design Language System establishes a consistent identity for all touchpoints and experiences while allowing for guided flexibility in developing new products.

Designed by: Mirion Technologies, Inc. & THRIVE

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LOTUS - Next generation Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

LOTUS is a conceptual exploration of a next-generation neonatal intensive care unit. It offers a suite of solutions designed to enhance the neonatal intensive care experience to help families and clinicians provide personalized care. It features a clinical informatics platform that monitors and aggregates information across all devices and systems into one easy-to-use interface. This interface visualizes the holistic status of the baby, which may help clinicians make critical decisions and coordinate care between teams to improve outcomes. It also aggregates data that was once scattered across many systems into one place, eliminating the need for hunting and gathering.

Designed by: Philips Experience Design team – Cambridge MA, USA

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CXN ONE is a wearable speech-generating device that combines a brain-computer interface and augmented reality to benefit those with complex communication disorders. This non-intrusive product was designed to be entirely wireless and exceptionally mobile. No longer are users tied to a permanent installation setup in their home. Instead, CXN ONE affords a new level of freedom and personal independence, all in a package that goes anywhere. CXN ONE was designed to minimize fatigue during use. This in conjunction with the various built-in technologies breaks down typical communication barriers and allows users to feel more comfortable and confident connecting with those around them. 

Designed by: Jared Naito, Marco Vanella, Pete Ducato, and Ryan Olson of STEL for Cognixion

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Bizzy and Martian

Bizzy and Martian are two robot concepts that came out of a Stanford Research Institute study. This project was intended to explore what home service robots could look like and how they would work. Bizzy and Martian are affordable robots designed to perform simple chores, like picking up laundry and toys, fetching drinks, wiping counters, and watering plants. They are compact moving appliances that roam around your house doing tasks you don’t want to do or can’t do. Each concept imagines advanced AI control and behavior-modifying machine learning that help them merge into your life like a pet.

Designed by: Akifusa Nakazawa and Dan Harden, IDSA, of Whipsaw, Inc. for S.R.I., Bizzy Robotics and Martian Robots

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Mobile Window

Mobile Window is a smartphone with an augmented-reality search function. It combines a transparent display and nontransparent display to form one panel that simultaneously provides the functionality of a smartphone and the usability of a transparent display. The augmented-reality search is capable of, for instance, providing current weather information when you point the phone to the sky. It can also provide translation and related information when you point the phone at the text you want to read. 

Designed by: Jaehyung Kim, Yong Seo, Kwanhee Lee, Daekyung Ahn, and Jiin Baek of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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The Multi-Purpose Delivery Vehicle

The Multi-Purpose Delivery Vehicle (MPDV) is an all-electric commercial and small-business solution designed to maximize productivity and return on investment. The MPDV will be priced starting at approximately $33,000, significantly less than its competitors. It will provide customers with the best-in-class total cost of ownership and class-leading cargo volume and customizable features. Over time, the MPDV will deliver cost savings compared to traditional combustion alternatives. Based on a highly versatile proprietary electric platform architecture, the MPDV will be offered in two initial size variants, with others to follow. Limited availability is scheduled to begin in 2022, with scaled production and launch planned for 2023.

Designed by: Richard Kim, Mike de Jung, Mark Smith, Arthur Martins, Cici Wang, and the Canoo Design Team

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