Concepts & Speculative Design


Conqueror is a transforming smart tire specialized for winter with detachable tread that form tires around the center of the wheel, and detects slippery road surfaces with triangle-shaped smart sensors mounted on the sidewall. 

Designed by: Jinhyuk Kim, Hyeongkwon Lee of Nexen Tire Corp.; Yuchan Ahn, Hochul Shin, Eunseok Seo

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Pureback is an eco-friendly future tire that prevents air pollution caused by microplastics from tire wear. It was developed to effectively separate and discard microplastics generated during driving by collecting them in the central capsule in real time.

Designed by: Jinhyuk Kim, Hyeongkwon Lee of Nexen Tire Corp.; Cheolhee Lee, Junhoo Lee, Seongjong Kang

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VODA is a quality-management solution for infrastructure, buildings, and structures. It uses the data attained by drones, wearable cameras, and CCTV, running virtualization and vision AI analysis to detect and report problems. 

Designed by: Sehyoung Kim, Mingyu So, Bueun Kwon, Taeyoung Kim, and Hyuckchan Kwon of ViewMagine Design Team

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Vi-TRAC Personal Covid-19 PCR Test

Vi-TRAC is a portable PCR molecular testing device used for rapidly detecting and delivering reliable virus tests with a rechargeable sensor module and a disposable test cartridge. 

Designed by: HS Design Team for SteriPack Group

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The Sky

The Sky is a ceiling-mounted light, air conditioner, and air purifier. The light mimics the shades and colors of the sky throughout the day to keep you in tune with your circadian rhythms. 

Designed by: Choi Eunha, Kim Jieun, Yang Chang Mo, Kuk Sungbin, and Park Hongsik of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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The Reference Line Touchless Digital Bath Faucet

American Standard’s Reference Line Digital Bath Faucet displays the water temperature and step-by-step instructions for proper handwashing with an animated timer. Operation is driven by a sensor on the faucet body. 

Designed by: Kibok Song, IDSA, of LIXIL Global Design Americas

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Sustainable Life - Plan-it for the Planet

Sustainable Life aims to help users understand and build eco-friendly habits related to their smart devices, including monitoring and managing their activity data and providing goals and competitions. 

Designed by: Youngchan Woo, Tony Hyunduk Cho, Sungyong Kim, Boram Lee, and Sunah Kim of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Flex S

Flex S is a 7.2-inch screen that folds inwards and outwards in an S shape. Depending on how it is folded, it can be used as a smartphone, tablet, or AI device. 

Designed by: Sungsu Park and Hyeonsook Jeong for SAMSUNG DISPLAY

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Flex G

Flex G is a 12.4-inch screen that folds inwards twice in a G shape, which makes it more durable, protecting the main display from external impact and scratches. 

Designed by: Hyeonsook Jeong and Sungsu Park for SAMSUNG DISPLAY

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