Computer Equipment

JBL GTi Automotive Subwoofers

Client: Harman Consumer Group

JBL needed a hit to restore its popularity with audio enthusiasts and Lum Design delivered by leveraging JBL's good professional image to create an uncompromised high performance set of automotive speakers. Since the official release of the GTI subwoofers at the 2001 Consumer Electronics show 17 dealers have signed on and more negotiations are underway.

Contact: Myk Lum, IDSA,
Lum Design Associates,

Designers: Lum Design Associates

Silicon Film EFS-1 Digital Imaging System

Client: Silicon Film Tech. Inc.

Conventional 35 mm cameras are born again with this digital photography conversion kit. An e-film cartridge goes where film canisters would normally be installed and takes up to 24 digital images. IDE unified the three-part system by designing each component to fit together in an intimate way that creates a harmonious, comfortable, protective form.

Contact: David Moriconi,
IDE Inc.,

Designers: IDE Inc. and Silicon Film Tech. Inc.

UNO Waffle Makers

Client: Williams-Sonoma

Gather round the breakfast table for some luscious homemade waffles and the tale of a family whose determination and attention to design won over Williams Sonoma. After a few rejections, the Vitantonios got the opportunity to show the cookware retailer what they'd learned from 40 years of manufacturing waffle makers. The happy ending? Williams Sonoma sold $5 million worth of the wafflers last year.

Contact: Robert G. Vitantonio,

Designers: VillaWare

Maytag Neptune® Washer

Maytag put a new spin on its washer design with a curved back panel that evokes water and fluidity. The rolling curves flow through the design of the machine, including door handles, dispenser caps and even the touch screen buttons. Significant water and energy conservation, a digital Stain Brain™ and the highest usable capacity make it more than a pretty appliance.

Contact: Kristen Petrillo,
Leo Burnett USA,

Designers: Maytag Appliances

SUB-ZERO 400 Series/Wine Storage

Client: Sub-Zero Freezer Co. Inc.

Like the fine wines it protects, this elegant storage unit aims to beat the competition with a state-of-the-art electronic keypad and a patented pullout tray for front access service. The product represents a new series for Sub-Zero but borrows the company's built-in design that fits the unit seamlessly into the most sophisticated kitchen décor.

Contact: Jerome C. Caruso, IDSA,

Designers: Jerome Caruso Design Inc.

Bionaire Humidifier

Client: The Holmes Group

Everyone knows moist air is more desirable, but it's something consumers will do without when they have to hassle with the filter changes and water fillings of most humidifiers. The Bionaire's 2-gallon tank lasts 24 hours and there's no need to deal with electrical components when changing the filter.

Contact: Mark Dziersk, IDSA, HLB, 312.454.1116;

Designers: Herbst LaZar Bell Inc.

GBC 950s Paper Shredder

Client: General Binding Corp.

A commanding appearance and a vertical orientation that saves space won complete market success for GBC's shredder. Overall manufacturing was simplified and automated by replacing the sheet metal design with injection-molded parts that could be manufactured in one facility.

Contact: Mark Dziersk, IDSA,

Designers: Herbst LaZar Bell Inc. and General Binding Corp.

Soft Edge Ruler

Client: Back GmbH, Germany

Rulers are normally hard-edged and rectilinear, reflecting their mission of measuring within a straight edged Cartesian world. But even a ruler can have a softer side. The Soft Edge's curvilinear gesture reflects the hand of its user instead of the precision that it continues to achieve.

Contact: Victoria Alicea,
ECCO Design,

Designers:ECCO Design Inc.

Labtec Verse-504 & 514 Voice Access Microphones

Client: Labtec

Labtec was paying more in royalties for the design of its computer microphone than it cost to produce it. A simple base and stalk design circumvented the existing patent and reduced the number of parts to lower production costs. Consumer testing indicated interest in two different designs, which the company produced to capture both ends of the market.

Contact: Chris Valentine, IDSA,

Designers: Fiori

Microsoft Sidewinder Strategic Commander

Real-time strategy game players can turn their computers into well-oiled fighting machines with this left-handed controller that functions seamlessly with mouse and keyboard. Computer commandos can navigate maps and execute complex commands with their left hands and select units with the mouse in their right.

Contact: Carl Ledbetter, IDSA,
Microsoft Corp.,

Designers: Microsoft Corp.