Computer Equipment

HP Pavilion 2000


No pop colors or translucence here. Hewlett Packard's Pavilion 2000 celebrates the company's brand attributes of engineering and reliable technology. It's the size of a shopping bag in neutral colors with lightly sculpted edges. The back of the unit features color-coded inputs for stress-free set-up. The HP logo application on the product surface was also redesigned to fit the home environment.

Contact: Yves Behar, IDSA,
415.908.1492 ext. 11;

Designers: fuseproject, City Electric and Hewlett Packard

Web Engine Product Family

Client: Network Engines, Inc.

A server with personality sounds like an oxymoron unless it's the web engine product family that is designed as a specialized web-content server for such applications as movies delivered over broadband networks. This server wears it cooling structure on the outside to accommodate its slim design and the unusual signature separates it from general-purpose servers.

Contact: James H. Bleck, IDSA,
Bleck Design Group,

Designers: Bleck Design Group and Network Engines, Inc.

G4 Cube

Quiet in both operation and design, the G4 Cube packs all of the necessary computing components into as small a space as possible. The architecture allows the system to be cooled without a fan, and all of the components are easily accessible by pulling out the core with a quick release handle.

Contact:Teri Pelton,
Apple Computer, Inc.,

Designers: Apple Computer, Inc.

E-cast Digital Jukebox & Countertop Gaming Device

Client:E-Cast, Inc.

Put another URL in the jukebox? This IP-enabled smart jukebox and gaming device leverages the Internet to provide music and multi-player game content to the hospitality and entertainment industries. It's designed to withstand spilled liquor, cigarette burns, rough handling and a hot smoky environment but looks cool and fun at the same time.

Contact: Rob Veksler,
frog design, inc.,

Designers: frog design, inc.

Ridgid 10" Portable Table Saw

Performance, compactness, portability and durability were considered in the design of every component of this 75 lb. table saw. The base of the saw has a wide stance and a clamshell construction with matching edges to close off the bottom. This adds durability and stability, making it possible to use it on sawhorses or a wide range of uneven surfaces.

Contact: Douglas Miner, IDSA,
Emerson Tool Company,

Designers: Emerson Tool Company

Nike Quest Hocky Skate

It's out of the box and onto the rink with this hockey skate that requires no break-in period. The lightest weight skate on the market is as comfortable as a running shoe in a shape derived from foot and ankle morphology studies done at the Nike Research Lab.

Contact: Carl Madore,
Nike Inc.,

Designers: Nike, Inc.

Flowlab Deep Carve System

This "snowboard or skateboard for the streets" replicates the way a snowboard carves or a surfboard flows regardless of weather conditions. The system replaces traditional wobbly bushing trucks with fixed curved steel axles, using simple geometry to generate the incredible maneuverability.

Contact: Mike Simonian,

Designers: Flowlab

Nike Triax 300

Client: Nike Inc.

Designers rarely get a chance to redesign and improve a successful existing design. This next generation of the highly successful triax sport watches line now boasts a single co-molded monostrap, increased angle of display and improved airflow to the wrist.

Contact: Brett Lovelady, IDSA,
Astro Studios,

Designers: Astro Studios, Pixe, Lunar Design and Nike, Inc.

Twirlin' Whirlin' Garden

This new take on building blocks elevates block play to the next level. The blocks may be stacked in the traditional manner, but once the child discovers the button in the center of the product the blocks come to life. Flowers dance and characters spin to the accompaniment of a music and light show. The designers incorporated a fabric play ring that neatly folds in half for storage and a built-in handle for the baby on the go.

Contact: Kurt Huntberger,
Fisher-Price, Inc.,

Designers: Fisher-Price Inc.

BabyBjörn® Plate and Spoon

Client: BabyBjörn® AB

Research indicates that the best way to avoid a showdown at dinner is to let very small children eat while dinner is being prepared. The clover shape of the BabyBjörn® plate and the uniqueness of the spoon encourage and enable children to feed themselves at a very early age.

Contact: Anika Sander,
BabyBjörn® AB,

Designers: Ergonomi Design Gruppen, Sweden, and BabyBjörn® AB, Sweden