Computer Equipment

Nokia 2520

The Nokia 2520 has a bold polycarbonate unibody design with a battery that can charge to 80 percent in an hour. The clear black screen technology provides an unmatched experience in direct sunlight and at extreme viewing angles. Wi-Fi connectivity through LTE networks provides an outstanding mobile experience, and an optional keyboard allows you to take your productivity to the next level.

Designed by Boris Landwehr, Rachael Bell, Xiaoxi Shi, Nokia Design Calabasas

Contact: Jan Stillerman -


Duet Fabric Care System and Dreamspace

Whirlpool has created large capacity, front-loading washer and dryers, using the largest drum opening in the industry. The washer drum is tilted to improve washing performance and accessibility. Hand washables cycle allows silks to be washed at home. The Duet Fabric Car System and Dreamspace uses 67% less water compared to convention washers.

"The Duet System is an excellent example of design at its very best; it's an elegant solution to a very difficult business problem through the strategic application of design. Intelligent and well thought-through from end to end." -Brian Matt, IDSA, CEO, Altitude.

Contact: Tania Aldous, IDSA,
Whirlpool Corp., Global Consumer Design,

Credit: Whirlpool Corp., US and Italy

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Palm Zire Handheld Computer

Client: Palm, Inc.

Departing from the familiar PalmTM, the ZireTM was given a new shape and color, which would transcend the world market. Thinner and about 20% smaller by volume than a PalmTM m100, the ZireTM is portable and can go as long as a month on single charge of its rechargeable batteries. To save money, the new flip lid is a third of the cost as other PalmTM models. Great design benefits and price point; 90% of sales are first time buyers.

"The PalmTM ZireTM impressed with its attention to detail and it elegant simplicity (particularly for an entry level product). The Zire'sTM appearance conveys a quite, calm, Zen-like aesthetic that is normally reserved for products selling at twice its cost. Simplifying the user interface, reducing its thickness, size and weight, and incorporating a power source that can go as long as a month on a single charge all contributes to making the PalmTM ZireTM highly desirable." -Jim Couch, IDSA, Principal, Substance.

Contact: Josh Morenstein,
newdealdesign, LLC,

Credit: newdealdesign, LLC and Palm, Inc.