Computer Equipment

Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse

It’s the next generation of the wireless mouse. The Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse can be connected to as many as three Windows or Mac computers—using either the included, tiny, unifying receiver or Bluetooth® technology to switch among computers with just one touch of a switch button on the bottom of the mouse. The MX Master offers a stunning design—a perfectly crafted, hand-sculpted shape—contoured to support your hand and wrist in a natural position. Well-positioned buttons and wheels enable fine-motion control and a fluid experience.

Designed by: Design Partners and Logitech Design



Productivity is at your fingertips with the Logitech Keys-To-Go portable keyboard designed specifically for users on the go, enhancing tablets and any smart cover. It features well-spaced, comfortable keys with iOS shortcuts for easy typing. Sized perfectly to conveniently carry with an iPad® or iPad mini®, the ultraportable design provides ultimate productivity while on the go. Water-repellant and wipeable FabricSkin construction protects against drops for easy cleaning. The rechargeable, lithium-ion polymer battery provides up to three months of use and the Bluetooth® wireless connectivity allows flexibility in placement options without wires.

Designed by: Logitech Design


Intel® WiDock

The Intel® WiDock allows a user with a mobile device to simply walk up to their desk, and instantly—without plugging in any wires or cables—connect to their external monitors and other peripherals such as printers, speakers and inputting devices. Intel WiDock tackles desk clutter and disorderly cables, for a true, seamless connection.

Designed by: Aleks Magi, IDSA, Hosam Haggag, Steve Lofland, Hao Li and Mark Gallina of Intel Corp.




Jibo is the first, highly capable social robot for the home. It’s a highly intelligent, desktop companion with the ability to emotionally connect with users through its sophisticated voice interaction, expressive UI and physical movement of human-like poses and expressiveness.

Designed by: HUGE Design for Jibo


RE Camera

RE Camera lets you focus on the moment, not on your camera. It turns on automatically in your hand, and a single button takes photos with a tap—and videos with a press. The wide-angle lens captures everything in your full view. There is no need for a case if you go underwater.  RE also streams everything to your phone instantly for easy viewing and sharing. The simple, elegant companion app available for iOS and Android works as a remote control, viewfinder and gallery.

Designed by: HTC Corp.


Tiertime UP BOX 3D Printer

A printer, built-in air filter and LED aperture for studios, seminars and other occasions, the Tiertime UP BOX 3D is the first choice for the professional. Construction of a large platform with automatic calibration; internal electric probe integrated nozzle while working height detection; high quality printer calibration, without manual operation—all provide a seamless 3D printing experience.

Designed by: Tong Xiao for Beijing Blantyre Times Technology Co., Ltd.


FLUX Router

FLUX is an advanced router concept intended to change the common perception that routers are boring peripheral boxes. FLUX reveals and showcases the wireless antenna technology inside, giving people a clue on how it works. These antennas are what enables the flow of one's digital content, hence its name FLUX.  The curious design beckons further understanding, putting the banal but ever-important router category in the spotlight for the first time. It's a veritable celebration of technology.

Designed by: Dan Harden, IDSA and Elliot Ortiz of Whipsaw, Inc.


ThinkVision X24

The ThinkVision X24 monitor utilizes the latest thin screen technology, is remarkably light and elegant in form while perched on a minimalist stem and base. The X24 houses an ultra-slim display utilizing the thinnest In-Plane Switching (IPS) 23.8” panel available. The X24 provides a strikingly beautiful experience for the most discerning customer, for use in high visibility, high style environments of work and play.

Designed by: Think Design Group for Lenovo


MI Router Mini

MI Router Mini is a dual-band router, which converts broadband signals into Wi-Fi signals, enabling household internet connection for multiple terminal devices such as laptops, smart phones and smart home devices, etc. With popularization of WiFi networks, the router is expected be a must-have for more and more homes.

Designed by: Xiaomi Industrial Design Team


Considered Award: Cardboard

Cardboard is a low-cost, virtual reality (VR) headset that transforms an ordinary smartphone into an immersive media viewer. It arrives flat packed in a protective, mailable sleeve, and can be folded and assembled by the user in under a minute. Cardboard is die cut from a single piece of cardboard—it's simple to manufacture industrially and easy to replicate and construct at home. The design templates are freely available on the internet. Cardboard's design is ingenious as it is frugal. A ring magnet on the left side creates a delightful sliding input that requires no physical or electronic connection to the phone. A Near Field Communication (NFC) sticker launches the Cardboard app automatically when a device is inserted. A rubberband keeps the phone from sliding. Cardboard stands out among VR viewers—it's simple, clever, accessible and fun to use.

Designed by: Google