Yoggie Systems' Gatekeeper


For mobile professionals, anti-virus software is not enough to protect their computers. A robust credit-card-sized security device, the Gatekeeper physically isolates a computer from incoming Internet threats, dropping the connection at the first sign of a problem. If for any reason an attack is successful, the Gatekeeper is hit first and will not allow further damage to the computer. The sleek, streamlined device easily connects to any computer’s USB port. The USB connector is attached to a flexible rubber band, which when not in use nestles around the Gatekeeper, serving as a protective bumper and concealing the Ethernet ports. The Gatekeeper can help business travelers anywhere, from a coffee shop to an airport or hotel room, feel confident that their data is safe.

Contact: Gadi Amit, IDSA

Credit: NewDealDesign LLC

Client:Yoggie Security Systems LTD (Israel)