Family members can carry the Internet from room to room with this wireless portable tablet, complete with 8.4" touchscreen color display, a nearly full-size keyboard and an 8- hour battery life. Anyone can grab the handle and bring it with them into the bedroom or kitchen where they can stick their finger in a ring and slide out the keyboard to e-mail, surf the Web or perform other online functions.

"This is a technologically sophisticated wireless web browser/emailer, but its real charm lies in its clever lack of rocket science. Pull on the little round finger ring to slide out the keyboard, and the handle disappears into the product- they're one simple piece that shuttles through the unit. The display hinges up so you can truly take advantage of its wireless connection, comfortably using it on the kitchen counter, the dining room table, or the couch. Simple, clever, and beautiful." -Gavin Ivester, IDSA

Contact: Dan Harden, IDSA,
Whipsaw, Inc.,
408.297.9771; dan@whipsawinc.com