Washing & Drying Machine


Client: Matsushita Electric Industrial Co, Ltd, Japan

  • To create a drum-type washing and drying machine that is easy for anyone to use, designers developed a drum slanted 30 degrees. The shaping of the unit focuses on the generously curved, slanted design. A large, round, see-through door allows users to see all the way inside and the control panel is set at a user-friendly angle. The flat top makes a perch for a laundry basket so items can be tossed in without bending over.
  • The unit saves 60 percent more water than previous model.
  • The machine can be used by a wide range of people including seniors and those who use wheelchairs.
  • Breaks the paradigm!

Contact: Fumioki Ichihara,
Panasonic Design Co,

Credit: Panasonic Design Co