Titanium PowerBook G4


Light and thin-something everyone wants and few achieve. Apple has done it here, with the lightest and thinnest full-featured notebook on the market. Titanium sheet metal and injection-molded carbon fiber keep it light, despite the larger 15.2" display and an array of features including a slot load DVD drive, full I/O and a 5- hour Lithium-Ion battery.

"Impressive performance, understated elegance and incredible engineering all melded together to produce an object of desire. While the IDEA is a designer's competition, they deserved an award just for the engineering work alone. They could have entered the G4 PowerBook in a cardboard box and won an award for being able to package that much performance and that many features in a thin, lightweight package. Fortunately, the elegant refinement of the ID matches the elegance of the engineering to produce a truly award winning design." -Carl Price, IDSA, Bose Corp.

Contact:Teri Pelton,
Apple Inc.,

Designers: Apple Computer, Inc.