Timberland Travel Gear


Timberland developed a new concept to address the common dilemma travelers face when deciding how many and which shoes to pack. Often, the shoes they bring with them are not adequate for all the activities they engage in; and what they do bring can consume a significant amount of valuable suitcase space. Timberland Travelgear is a revolutionary, modular approach to footwear. By separating the aesthetic (shell) and core function (chassis) of a shoe and making them interchangeable, wearers have access to many more style and function options that can fulfill a range of footwear needs, from hiking to business meetings and dining out to rainy weather. Three pairs of TravelGear shells, when combined in various ways with two chassis and one waterproof hydrosok, are equivalent to twelve pair of ordinary shoes. Plus, the components pack flat in about half the space of most ordinary shoes.

Contact: Helen Kellogg,
The Timberland Company, USA,

Credit: The Timberland Company