Stanley FatMax Hacksaw


The FatMax Hacksaw is a professional-grade high-tension hacksaw with a deep cutting capacity that can be used in tight, hard-to-reach areas. It replaces the need for both a deep throat and shallow throat saw through its unique arc shape that contains a sloping front and a deep throat in the rear. The design of the FatMax also allows for fast blade changing while maintaining the proper blade tension setting. Its I-beam metal structure conveys extreme strength and durability. With the FatMax, Stanley has been able to generate greater penetration and larger market share in the hacksaw market.

"This product is a fantastic resolution in addressing the complex, and sometimes contradictory parameters, when companies try co-mingling a functional product's performance and image, addressing them as distinct ergonomic and marketing problems, and subsequently compromising the one or the other. This product represents a leap forward in two very different 'shops', the hardware store and the basement work studio." -Peter Stathis, IDSA, Principal, Virtual Studio

Contact: John Howard, IDSA,
The Stanley Works, USA,

Credit: The Stanley Works