Stanley® MaxLife™ 369™ TriPod Flashlight


Whether changing a flat tire, surviving a power outage or just walking the dog, the MaxLife TriPod Flashlight offers the convenience of a typical flashlight and the option of hands-free lighting, all with incredible run time. It looks like a typical D-battery flashlight with a slick aluminum and black-rubber composition. However, with the push of a button, the three aluminum tubes transform into tripod legs. The tubes also house the AA batteries. The three batteries in one tube can run for 75 hours. If all three tubes are used, the flashlight provides over 200 hours of constant run time. Brightness can be customized by a push-button switch that illuminates one, three or all six bright-white LEDs. A separate blinking red LED warns of low battery power. The flashlight has become quite popular with consumers, achieving a 100 percent sell-through in most outlets and a three-fold increase in sales from the initial launch.

Contact: John Howard, IDSA

Credit: The Stanley Works

Client:The Stanley Works