Spin-Steer TechnologyTM Lawn Tractor


Client: John Deer Worldwide Comercial & Consumer Equipment Division

Zero turn radius mowers seem like a great idea for a lawn tractor until the average homeowner tries to steer one with dual levers. John Deere's designers went to tremendous lengths to allow their customers to drive their new zero turn radius vehicle with a steering wheel. An entirely new drive system to accommodate the steering wheel is hidden behind a smooth, low and nimble looking composite exterior.

"This is a remarkable piece of engineering, and it addresses a fundamental flaw of the typical lawn tractor-poor turning radius. Deere created a new category of lawn tractor by making a tractor that incorporates zero-turn-radius capability while hiding the mysteries of the technology from the operator. This product is going to appeal to lots of lawn tractor users who spend their weekends plotting new cutting patterns to overcome the poor turning performance of their traditional tractors." -Clyde Foles, IDSA, Center for Creative Studies

Contact: James M. Ryan, FIDSA,
Henry Dreyfuss Associates,

Designers: Henry Dreyfuss Associates