Sony QUALIA016 Digital Camera


The Sony QUALIA016 is an ultra-compact digital still camera that disappears into your palm. Because of its size, the camera is easily carried with you at all times, ready to take a photo in an instant. The QUALIA016 is not just a camera but a compete kit of accessories to optimize your photo-taking experience, such as a viewfinder, wide conversion lens, teleconversion lens, flash unit, video-out unit and timer remote unit, which all fit in a custom all-in-one carrying case. However, there is more to this design innovation than its small size. Designers made the camera's interface comfortable and intuitive, over time becoming an extension of your hand and of the company's focus on creating products that appeal to the human heart.

"What every well-equipped (and well-heeled) hobbyist-spy wants for Christmas. This exquisitely detailed ultra-miniature digital camera, about the size of two of your fingers, draws its aesthetic from its finely machined case, lens barrel and a cluster of accessories and attachments which come packaged in a courier-style briefcase. Camera operations are selected by sliding one of those fingers along a linear touchpad." -J. Budd Steinhilber, FIDSA

Contact: Hisayo Chatani,
Sony Corp., Japan,

Credit: Sony Corp., Japan