SmartTrack Kayak Control System


Client: Cascade Designs Inc.

You can lead a kayaker to water but can you redesign his kayak? The answer is a resounding yes when it comes to this modular system designed to enhance the safety, control and efficiency of sea kayaking while preserving the purist's attachment to his boat. The veteran kayaker can have his kayak and improve it, too as the ergonomic foot pedals and redesigned rudder can easily be installed to upgrade even 20-year-old hulls.

"It takes real guts to aggressively innovate in a conservative sport like kayaking. But by redefining the basic ergonomic scheme used in the foot-operated steering system, the designers have radically improved efficiency and comfort. Coupled with a streamlined rudder and simplified mechanism, the design shows rigorous attention to detail benefiting both the user and the manufacturer. And it's retro-fittable to old boats. Efficiency and elegance are beautiful." -Gavin Ivester, IDSA

Contact: Alan N. Mizuta,
Manatee Design,

Designers: Manatee Design