Smartphone ET960


Client: Lenovo (Beijing) Ltd., China & USA

The lightweight Lenovo phone has many functions. As an MP3 device, it plays music. As a media player, it plays movies and can receive television transmissions. It has a game playing mode. It also has a built-in 1.3 Megapixel camera with flash and a memory card slot for extended storage. The camera rotates 180 degrees, which permits a wider selection of photo compositions and provides an ergonomic advantage because it's easier to hold the camera in different positions.

Next to the lens, the flash light also acts as a power charging indicator with different color lights. It can be used both with the left or right hands, and a person can also play games with it in the horizontal direction. There will be a wide choice of finishes available-fun, serious or professional. The ET960 has realized high profits and increased the company's identity and brand reputation as well.

Contact: Peng Shen,
Lenovo IDC, China,
86-10-58861350 or 86-13911667548,

Credit: Lenovo (Beijing) Ltd., China; SQV Design International Inc./I+U, Taiwan