Siemens ultraSense laundry system


Client: Siemens home appliances

The purpose of this project was to create a washer and dryer that are both so technically advanced that consumers will be assured that their clothes will come out clean and well cared for. In order to appeal to a marketplace in which the laundry room has evolved into a more visible presence, aesthetics and design became very important to the program. The clean, sleek lines of the washer and dryer not only enhance their appearance but their quiet operation and intuitiveness. The machines' exterior housing and panel placement were designed with ergonomics in mind. The panel is slanted at a certain angle that makes it easy and comfortable for the user to activate the controls (even for the disabled). The design of the buttons and dial are minimal and uncomplicated with few bells and whistles. Indentations on the side marry design with functionality as they help to minimize vibration and sound transference.

Contact: Andreas Otto,
?Siemens home appliances, USA,

Credit: Siemens home appliances, Germany