Samsung Miniket SC-M110 multifunctional pocket director


This is a palm-sized, 6-in-1 multifunctional pocket director: camcorder, digital camera, MP3 player, Web cam, storage and voice recorder. It is equipped with a 256MB/512MB/1GB NAND-type flash memory and a Memory Stick Pro slot, the first such device to do so. It can record up to 68 minutes of moving images, store 250 MP3 music files, or record 18 hours of voice (with 1GB flash memory). This model can record high-definition moving images in MPEG4 format while still offering the features of existing camcorders such as stabilizer, optical 10X zoom or digital 100X zoom. Intuitive and easy-to-understand interfaces enable the use of all functions with a thumb while gripping the product with one hand.

Contact: Kang-il Chung,
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Korea,

Credit: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Korea