Safety 1st Perfect Fit Gate


The Perfect Fit Gate is a pressure-mounted room-dividing gate, used to limit children's access to certain areas in the home. It can be set up in any doorway or stairway measuring 28 to 42 inches. The gate was designed to be easily and safely operated with one hand. Once set at the correct width, locking the gate is done by simply pressing the handle all the way down. To release the gate, the user pulls back the blue trigger and pulls the handle up. This releases the pressure from the gate, allowing it to be removed but retaining its setting for that doorway. The Perfect Fit Gate has been in distribution for only five months but initial response from retailers and customers have been overwhelming and it is showing signs of taking market share from competitive products that retail for 30 percent more.

Contact: Joe Cacciola,
Safety 1st, USA,

Credit: Trung Phung; Stuart Jang; Safety First