Rubbermaid Paint Buddy


The Rubbermaid Paint Buddy is a touch-up paint roller with onboard paint storage. After painting a room, the user stores excess paint from the project in a Rubbermaid Paint Buddy and labels the cap with room and color information. Later, when a wall needs a minor touch-up, the user simply removes the clear cap, opens the valve and applies the paint to the area with the built-in roller. When finished, the valve is closed to seal the bottle and the roller is either cleaned or replaced. Multiple bottles can be purchased to store different colors of paint. By combining paint storage with an applicator in a convenient, re-sealable package, Paint Buddy represents a paradigm shift for this type of paint application, not just an incremental improvement. Recently introduced, it has been well received by a wide range of major retailers. Paint Buddy is made by Shur-Line, a Newell Rubbermaid company and is forecast to be one of their top selling items for 2005.

Contact: Amy Ahrens,
Beyond Design, Inc., USA,

Credit: Beyond Design, Inc.; Shur-Line, A Newell Rubbermaid Company