Robertshaw LP Tank Monitoring System


Client: Robertshaw Co.

This radio frequency device continually monitors fill levels in propane levels and transmits data to service centers to automatically order refills. Three different platforms include the Basic Consumer Unit, Commercial Unit and High-End Consumer Unit. This system simplifies and streamlines the process of maintaining constant levels of propane gas on property. Since this device requires no customer intervention or contact, and technicians make repairs, the product life cycle will improve significantly. It is energy efficient as the previous device resulted in inaccurate readings and unnecessary service calls.

"The team at HLB has done a great job designing a simple, intuitive device that significantly simplifies the life of propane-gas homeowners. The elegance of the design makes it appropriate for installation in any home while establishing a powerful identity for Robertshaw. This clearly sets a new standard for the industry." -Duncan Paul, I/IDSA, Global Design Leader of Fabric and Homecare, Procter and Gamble Eurocor NV.

Contact: Mark Dziersk,
FIDSA, Herbst LaZar Bell Inc.,

Credit: Herbst LaZar Bell, Inc. and Robertshaw Co.