PuristTM Suite


Capture the language, the feeling, the art of water. Classic materials balance the unexpected to compose evocative, changeable forms-a quiet backdrop for the poetic simplicity of water. PuristTM transforms the bath into a home spa environment. Setting aside expectations, the user enjoys the mystery of these products' function and delights in the act of discovery. A faucet without a spout, a bowl without a bottom, and a lavatory without a basin perform simple tasks in unusual ways. The PuristTM Wet Surface Lavatory has a unique raised panel, which provides a wet surface or working surface that is easily washed down for quick cleanup. The PuristTM Mirrored Cabinet with Laminar Flow Faucet simplifies water delivery by controlling the flow and removing turbulence from water for a visually and physically appealing.

Contact: James Piatt, IDSA,
Kohler Co.,

Credit: Kohler Co.